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Fortnite Removes Map Area with Apparent Suicide Scene

Mary Zheng April 12th, 2019 Fortnite    Fortnite Items    Fortnite Items Help   

At the end of 2018, the Fortnite developer Epic Games has announced a new measure - permitting the player’s works appear in a small area. Called the block, it will usually rotate to show off fan creativity. On April 2, the area renovated to display a mansion, but which has been replaced recently with an older architecture - Tropical Treetops. This change occurred on the heels of player concern that the Mysterious Mansion area appeared to depict a suicide scene. Next, let MmoGah share some latest news related to the Fortnite with players. Meanwhile, our website is a safe place for players to buy Fornite items, including a variety of weapons, materials, traps. We can make sure that it will meet your needs at utmost.



The mysterious mansion created by player FurLeaks provids an abandoned and weedy house for you to explore. FuryLeak’s map seems to depict a suicide scene that the author comes across the gloomy mansion to a house, in which there is a person hanging from the ceiling and a chair tilting towards one side. However, the actual submission to Epic Games is only depicting the chair and the rope as seen in this screenshot taken by Reddit user u/req-q.



“Epic should really scrutinize the map, from which there is someone hanging himself”, noted by req-q. After its publication, Fortnite was updated stealthily and the mansion was removed by Epic, recovering to previous block submission. Since the debut of the block, it has never had submission more than once before. When the block area can’t be accessible any more, Polygon uses a map code to see the area in Creative Mode, confirming the chair and rope scene.



This is completely a misunderstanding, reported by FuryLeaks - his fan told Polygon that although there was a person hanging from the ceiling, the house should have depicted the aftermath of an earthquake that destroyed the interior.



FuryLeaks’ Twitter account has some updates about the false scene, seemingly a subtweets about this situation.



Epic Games doesn’t instantly respond to the comment, but FuryLeaks, together with Polygon, shares a screenshot, which is purported to show the communication between Epic Games and the producer. The Epic Games developer admits that it doesn’t catch the scene before including it in the game. Though Polygon can’t verify the reality of the screenshot, the Epic Game’s conduct rule stipulate that players should be friendly and amusing.



The text above is all about the Fortnite’s latest updates. If you would like to know more about the relative news, be sure to click the Fortnite news page to search more useful information to you.








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