Fallout 76 Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2019-07-31

If you want to level up fast in the game, you’ve come to the right place.

While you can complete quests, kill monsters and craft items to progress your character’s level, unlock new gear and Perk Cards, it will take a long time to rank up these ways. So if you want to level up fast in the game, this fallout 76 leveling guide is for you.


This is a real player JV2017gameplay’s guide, which teaches you how to level up fast in fallout 76. All the content of this article is quoted from his video:



We are going to cover the quickest ways to gain experience and farm XP in this video, which can help you level up as quickly as you can. This game approaches experience in a way, that’s pretty different compared to previous fallout games. Intelligence no longer affects your experience gains. It doesn’t matter how many special points you put into intelligence, and it’s not going to help you level up quickly. There are no passive experience boosts in this game.



Every single bonus is situational, it means that you have to complete an action or meet a condition in order to take advantage of them, and most of them only lasts for an hour at a time.


Kill High Level Enemies

At first, I want to tell you the quickest ways to level up fast. It’s not by completing quests or events, but instead is by killing enemies.

The bulk of your experience whether you are questing or just exploring comes from the enemies that you kill, you will gain a substantial amount of experience per kill if you are focusing on the right enemies, and that’s going to be more than the completion XP for any quests or events. If you can limit your travel time and focus on locations with the most high quality enemies, and then kill them as quickly as you can, you will level up very quickly. It’s definitely the most efficient way to gain XP from my experience.

The issue with quests and events is how unpredictable they are and how long they take. Some involve travelling between locations; some have very few enemies along the way and some don’t involve killing enemies at all. If you want to level up quickly, and you don’t want to waste time. Some events demand you to hold down an area and kill waves of enemies, just like feeding the people in Morgantown, which is worth your time, only if they give you high quality enemies.


Fallout 76 approaches enemies and experience in a unique way by killing a higher-level enemy. It’s actually the type of enemy you are killing and their ranks that determines the experience game.

Now the most part the higher the level, the higher the ranking, just keep in mind that number really doesn’t mean much. What you are looking at is the type of enemy you are killing and whatever name they have. For example, super mutants generally are great sources of experience, the standard super mutant which you will find is usually a level 5, and the base experience gain is 30.


No matter what your level is or what the level of that super mutant, it’ll usually be 5, but you’ll gain 30 XP plus percentage XP bonuses you have active. If you come across a super mutant skirmisher, it’s got that extra name at the end, that’s the second rank of super mutant, after killing them will net you 50 base experience. The higher the rank of the enemy, the more XP you will gain after you have killed.

Do Quests or Events

Now I am not suggesting that you should only grind high rank enemies, and never do quests or events. If you explore an area, you will get a miscellaneous objective or an event will appear, it makes sense to do it. Since you are already there, you just know that bulk of your XP gain are come from the enemies that you are killing. If you haven’t killed something in a while, you will go slowly.


Maybe it’s time to move on from whatever you are doing to find a super mutant camp or find another enemy type that gives you a lot of experience to focus on them. I think the best practical application of the advice is to check the experience gains that you are getting. If you are finding that you are focusing on mostly enemies that give you 1012 experience, you need to move on, because those are not very high-quality enemies, it doesn’t matter how many of them you are killing, you will be able to find the same amount of enemies that give you better experience elsewhere, it’s a little big tough, because this game spawns different enemies at the same location.




Use the Inspirational Perk Card

My best advice is to use the tools that we have in the game to maximize your experience. In my opinion, trying to find higher rank enemies, no matter what you are doing. Play with a team inspirational is a charisma card unlocked the right beginning level to when you leave fallout 76.

It is a 1 cost card that gives you plus 5% more XP when you are on a team. Each rank increases that bonus XP up to 15% at rank 3 if you want to maximize your experience as soon as possible. I would take this perk and rank it up as quickly as you can. That means by level 4, I would choose inspirational three times and make sure your charisma is at 3, so you can equip the 3 cost rank 3 version of this card.

Now you could wait until level 10 and see what your perk card packs give you, since the pool of options is fairly limited at lower levels that would give you more likelyhood of pulling inspirational. I am not sure if certain cards are weighted and more likely to appear in packs, but it’s certainly possible to pull multiple inspirational cards from your packs regardless you can guarantee that you are maximizing your XP as quickly as possible by choosing those cards immediately.

Keep in mind that inspirational requires to kick into effect, and give you bonus experience. It adds up over time and you will find that you are generally leveling quicker if you are playing with a team outside of using inspirational and playing with a team.


Sleep and Eat

I would always try to make sure you have up is to be well-rested, this is a bonus effect that you get from sleeping in beds, it will give you plus 5% bonus experience for set duration if your bed is on the ground, such as a sleeping or a dirty mattress, this bonus will only last for an hour, but if you sleep in a proper bed with a frame off the ground, you will get this for two hours, this is fairly easy to maintain, since there are tons of beds out in the world, but my best advice is to sleep every single time you visit your camp.



Your next option is consumables: some food and drink items will give you plus 5% bonus XP for an hour.

Unfortunately those are not craftable, you have to find them out in the world or get them from the quests, but you get five of these within the first 5 to 10 minutes of starting a new character, so make sure and use them in the beginning of the game before they go bat for some reasons. I found these spoils really quickly than other items, and there’s really no way to prevent that unless you have the good with salt perk.



There are no magazines that increase your experience, so don’t worry about that. Lastly there’s an event that actually gives you XP bonus if you complete the path to enlightenment event which is at the land view lighthouse very close in the forest to the start of the game, you will receive plus 5% bonus XP for an hour. Manage to get your hands on a “Leader” bobblehead and you’ll get a small 5% bonus XP in your inventory.


Generally speaking, the best way to level up in this game is to focus on higher ranker enemies. If you want to get more fallout 76 guides, you can visit our

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