The Free Mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online

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Want to ride in style without breaking the bank? Learn how to get all The Elder Scrolls Online mounts for free! Time to gallop through Tamriel and explore its stunning landscape.


One of the best things about The Elder Scrolls Online is its freedom to explore the diverse and gigantic world of Tamriel. Whether it be the lofty mountains of Skyrim, the scorching deserts of Hammerfell, or the sun-soaked islands of Summerset, Tamriel is full of wonders! 


However, covering these vast spans of stunning landscapes on foot can quickly become cumbersome and ruin what could potentially be a truly jaw-dropping experience of exploring Tamriel. This is where ESO mounts come into the picture. 


Mounts are not just a means to reduce travel time; they are an expression of your character's individuality and style. You can use them to dash from one point to another in mere seconds. Whether you choose a fearsome warhorse or a graceful wolf, your mount quickly becomes an extension of yourself, reflecting your personality and adding a touch of flair to your adventures. However, besides being a cosmetic item, mounts also serve a practical purpose. They act as an additional inventory space, allowing you to carry more spoils of war and treasures from your daring exploits.


As such, in this article, we will explore all the ways you can use to get all mounts for FREE. The only tradeoff? You have to grind your way through!


Mount at Reaching Level 10


Sorrel Horse

Sorrel Horse


The Elder Scrolls Online rewards players when they accomplish certain milestones in the game. One such is when they reach level 10. Upon reaching this level, the game rewards players with a FREE mount: a plain brown Sorrel Horse.


While this steadfast companion may not be the flashiest of mounts, the Sorrel Horse is a true workhorse, diligently carrying you across vast landscapes and sparing you from the monotony of walking endless miles.


NOTE: Up until Update 17, Sorrel Horse used to be available for purchase from the Stablemaster for 10,000 gold.


Mounts for Gold at the Stablemaster


Midnight Steed, Brown Paint Horse, and Bay Dun Horse

Midnight Steed, Brown Paint Horse, and Bay Dun Horse


Although Stablemasters no longer sell the Sorrel Horse, they do sell other mounts for gold. As of now, you can buy three different horses from the Stablemaster that all are worth 42,700 ESO gold.


Following are the three mounts available:

Midnight Steed: A vision of elegance and mystery, the Midnight Steed is draped in a coat as dark as the night itself. With its eyes gleaming like stars, this enchanting mount exudes an air of sophistication and grace.


Brown Paint Horse: This equine marvel, with its rustic charm, boasts a unique coat pattern that mimics an artist's brushstrokes that blends shades of brown and white with breathtaking precision.


Bay Dun Horse: With its rich hues and golden-brown coat, highlighted by a striking black mane and tail, Bay Dun Horse evokes the essence of untamed wilderness.


Mount from The Antiquities System


Ebon Dwarven Wolf

Ebon Dwarven Wolf


The Antiquities System was introduced to The Elder Scrolls Online back in 2020. We have already discussed the Antiquities System in detail in one of our articles here. All in all, it's a procedure of finding, scrying, and then finally excavating leads.


You can use the Antiquities System to get a mount for free: the Ebon Dwarven mount. The process for obtaining this mount involves excavating a total of 17 leads. Shaped like a wolf, the Ebon Dwarven mount is a sleek construction of grey and black metals. It can also howl and surge with electricity when prompted to jump.


Below are the 17 leads that you need to collect in order to get the Ebon Dwarven Wolf mount:

Dwarven Spine-Coupling: Found in a pile of rubble in Rkulftzel, Alik'r Desert.

Dwarven Steam Conduit: Dropped by Zozuzetharus, the boss of Inner Sea Armature, Stonefalls.

Dwarven Rib-Frame: Dropped by Klathzgar's Centurion, the boss of Klathzgar, Bangkorai.

Aligned Dwarven Plates: Dropped by enemies in Mzulft, Eastmarch.

Weathered Dwarven Cogs: Dropped by Thinks-in-Gears and enemies in Aldunz, Alik'r Desert.

Worn Dwarven Gears: Dropped by enemies in and near Bthzark, Stros M'Kai.

Cracked Dwarven Gear Shafts: Dropped by Thzallek Eft, the boss of Avanchnzel, The Rift.

Aetherquartz Tonal Resonator: Dropped by group delve bosses in Mtharnaz, Craglorn.

Dwarven Leather Saddle Seat: Dropped by Guardian Council, the boss of Volenfell dungeon, Alik'r Desert.

Dwarven Horngrip: Dropped by The Engine Guardian, the boss of Darkshade Caverns II dungeon, Deshaan.

Sloped Dwarven Guards: Dropped by any public dungeon boss in Razak's Wheel, Bangkorai.

Inclined Dwarven Paneling: Dropped by public dungeon bosses in Nchuthnkarst, Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns.

Dwarven Breastguard: Found in a pile of rubble in the Earth Forge, accessible from Fighters Guildhalls after completing the Fighters Guild questline.

Dwarven Power Core: Rewarded for completing the quest The Lost Vault in Nchuleftingth public dungeon, Vvardenfell.

Dwarven Centurion Dynamo: Rewarded for completing the quest The Light of Knowledge in Rkindaleft public dungeon, Wrothgar.

Dwarven Piston: Rewarded for completing the quest The Precursor in The Clockwork City.

Dwarven Ebon Wolf Head: Rewarded for completing all 17 fragments and assembling them at an Antiquarian's Circle station.


Mount from The Sunspire Trial


Champion Senche Lion

Champion Senche Lion


Introduced with the Elsweyr Chapter (2019) in ESO, the Sunspire Trial pits players against three ferocious dragons: Yolnakhriin, Lokkestiiz, and Nahviintaas. It is a very challenging trial and, therefore, requires you to have a well-coordinated group of 12 players with high DPS, healing, and survivability.


Although you can complete the trial in any way you want, in order to unlock the Sunspire Dragonbreak achievement, you need to complete the Sunspire Trial on veteran difficulty and defeat the three dragons within 30 minutes, all the while not suffering any death of any team member.


The Sunspire Dragonbreak achievement rewards players with the Champion Senche Lion. It is a special mount with golden armor and gear, reflecting your achievement of overcoming Sunspire.


Mount from The Rockgrove Trial


Sul-Xan Fleshripper

Sul-Xan Fleshripper


In addition, just like the mount you get by completing the Sunspire Trial, you can also get yet another mount in a similar fashion with the Rockgrove Trial. It was added to the Elder Scrolls Online with the addition of Deadlands DLC (2021). 


As such, the Rockgrove Trial is a challenging trial that pits you against three powerful bosses: Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka. You will need a skilled group of 12 players with high DPS, healing, and survivability.


The Sul-Xan Fleshripper is a special mount that you can obtain from the Rockgrove Trial. It is a fearsome reptilian creature with spikes, scales, and horns.


To get this mount, you need to complete the Xalvakka's Bane achievement, which requires you to complete all the other achievements for Rockgrove on veteran difficulty. These achievements include Rockgrove Completed, Rockgrove Conqueror, Rockgrove Vanquisher, Rockgrove Sprinter, Soul-Savior, Sul-Xan Slayer, Havocrel Slayer, Turtle Soup, Light Stepper, What is this Filth?, Keep Your Distance, and Soul Bombardier.


Events and Mounts


Nascent Indrik

Nascent Indrik


Events in The Elder Scrolls Online are yet another way to get mounts for free. These are special occasions available only for a limited time and usually coincide with real-world holidays or seasons, such as the Jester's Festival, the New Life Festival, or the Witches Festival. In any year, players get to see a number of events that generally follow a specific theme and come with unique activities and rewards. 


Among the Event Rewards include mounts that can be obtained after collecting all the fragments by spending Event Tickets. Event Tickets are a special form of limited currency that is accepted by the Impresario Merchant all over Tamriel during the duration of the event.


Players obtain Event Tickets when they complete event-related tasks, such as killing a world boss, completing a daily quest, or opening an event box. However, you can only earn a limited number of event tickets per day per account.


Once you have enough Event Tickets, you can visit The Impresario, the event merchant who can be found at the Event Exchange pavilions near the starting city of each alliance's starting zone, as well as the main cities within Chapter zones. She only appears during events and will leave as soon as the event ends.


Some examples of mounts that can be obtained from events are:

Soulfire Dragon Illusion: A spectral dragon-like mount obtained by combining three Soulfire dragon fragments.


Scales of Akatosh: A Soulfire dragon illusion evolved into a golden dragon-like mount that can be obtained by combining three scales of Akatosh with a Soulfire dragon illusion.


Indrik Mounts: Indrik Mounts include nine versions. Nascent Indrik is the base version, and the other eight are upgraded ones. Indrik mounts were also limited-time mounts released in 2019 and 2020. But from 2022 on, people could get feathers and berries for the Indrik mounts at the Indrik Vendor. During ESO events, you can use Event Tickets to buy feathers and berries and turn them into Indrik Mounts.


These are just some examples of the mounts that can be obtained from events. There are many more variations and possibilities that you can explore by participating in different events throughout the year.


The Endeavors System and Mounts


Voidmother's Welwa

Voidmother's Welwa


The majority of mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online are available in Crown Crates. As the name implies, these crates can only be opened when purchased with ESO crown, the premium currency that needs to be bought with real money.


However, there's a way to get around it and get some of the Crown Crate mounts for free. This is where the Endeavors System comes into the picture. It was introduced with Update 30 and launched in June 2021.


The Endeavors System is a feature that allows you to earn Seals of Endeavors (a type of in-game currency) by completing daily and weekly tasks, known as Endeavors. The Endeavors are listed in the Group & Activity Finder and are account-wide. With the Endeavor System, players can complete up to three daily Endeavors and one weekly Endeavor per account. 


After completing Endeavors, you can use the Seals of Endeavor to purchase any item from a currently active Crown Crate season in the Crown Store. 


Examples of Mounts obtainable from Crown Crates:

Legendary mounts: Karth River Sabre Cat and the King's Guard Ram

Apex mounts: Ragebound Sabre Cat and the Ragebound Bear

Apex Radiant mounts: Voidmother's Welwa and the Harrowforged Durzog


Oroborus Crates and Senche of Scarlet Regret Mount


Senche of Scarlet Regret

Senche of Scarlet Regret


Ouroboros Crates are promotional Crown Crates that can be obtained for free through Twitch. They are different from Seasonal Crates, as they mostly contain consumables, such as potions, poisons, and experience scrolls. However, they also have a low chance of containing an exclusive collectible, such as a mount, a pet, or an outfit style.


To get Ouroboros Crates, you need to link your ESO account with your Twitch account and watch official ESO streams or select community streams that have drops enabled. You can check the ESO website or social media for announcements of when drops are available. You can also look for the "Drops Enabled" tag on Twitch to find eligible streams.


When you watch a stream with drops enabled, you will have a chance to receive one Ouroboros Crate every 15 minutes. You will receive a Twitch notification when you get a drop, and you will need to claim it on your Twitch account within 24 hours. You can then log into ESO and find your Ouroboros Crate in your Crown Crates menu.


However, the only mount that can be obtained from Ouroboros Crates is the Senche of Scarlet Regret, which is an Apex-level reward. It is a red and black senche-lion with glowing eyes and armor. Also, it has a very low drop rate, so you will need to be very lucky or watch a lot of streams to get it.



As seen above, these are all the ways to get all ESO mounts for FREE. You do not need to spend any real cash to get them. If you are an active player and love playing The Elder Scrolls Online, the grinding will then become an enjoyable process for you. 


What do you think? Is all this grinding worth the effort to get these mounts for free? Share your thoughts with us, and let us know in the comments below!


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