• The Elder Scrolls Online Plus Bonus Event is Returning!
    By Delia Woolf2018-01-12 00:00:00


    The ESO Plus Bonus Event is returning! During the event, everyone can enjoy select benefits of an ESO Plus membership for free, and ESO Plus members can earn up to six free Crown Crates. Read on for all the details!


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    The Elder Scrolls Online Plus Bonus Event will begin at 10:00AM EST on Tuesday, January 9 and run until 10:00AM EST on Monday, January 15. During the event, ESO Plus members can earn up to six free Crown Crates just by logging into the game. If you're not already a member, join us to enjoy select benefits of ESO Plus completely free. Read on for all the details!




    To show our appreciation to existing ESO Plus members, we're giving out up to six free Flame Atronach Crown Crates during the event period.

    The Flame Atronach Crown Crates contain a red-hot selection of rare collectibles and useful consumables that you can't find anywhere else in Tamriel. In these crates, you can find eye-catching mounts like the Flame Atronach Horse, top-tier experience scrolls, or even unique costumes and skins.


    Flame Atronach Horse mount & Infernal Epidermis skin


    Find out more about the Flame Atronach Crown Crate season in our announcement article.

    To participate in the ESO Plus Bonus Event, simply log into the game with an active paid ESO Plus membership (free trial membership does not count) each day from January 9 until January 15. Note that in order to qualify, each unique login must occur within a 24-hour time period that starts at 10:00AM EST and ends at 9:59AM EST the next day. If you remained logged in over a two-day period, it will only count as one entry! You must completely log out and back into the game; logging out just to the character select screen will not work.

    When the event concludes, you'll receive one crate for each day you logged in, up to a maximum of six, by January 18.


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    If you've never experienced ESO Plus, you can check out almost everything it has to offer for FREE for a limited time with our trial. We think you'll find that an ESO Plus membership certainly has its benefits, including:

    Full access to DLC game packs – new zones, quests, dungeons and more!

        Includes the Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Shadows of the Hist, Horns of the Reach, and Clockwork City DLC game packs

    A Craft Bag offering you unlimited storage for all of your crafting materials

    Double Bank space for all the characters on your account

    10% increase to Experience and Gold acquisition, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Research rates

    Double Furnishings and Collectibles space in player housing

    Exclusive ability to dye costumes

    Double Transmute Crystal storage

    Monthly stipend of 1500 Crowns (available to paid members only)



    Here's how to get the ESO Plus trial and enjoy a week of benefits:

    1.Log into The Elder Scrolls Online.

    2.Navigate to the Crown Store.

    3.View the “Featured" category.

    4.Find and select the ESO Plus Free Trial.

    It's that easy to enjoy select ESO Plus benefits for the duration of the event!




    We're thrilled to bring back the ESO Plus Bonus Event. What aspects of ESO Plus do you find the most useful? Is it the double bank space, or perhaps the Craft Bag? Are you planning to enjoy the trial and check out what ESO Plus membership has to offer? The ESO Plus Bonus Event begins at 10:00AM EST Tuesday, January 9 and ends at 10:00AM EST Monday January 15 on all platforms.


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