• ESO Builds: One-Bar Stamina Arcanist – Necrom
    By Michel Z2023-04-27 00:00:00

    One of the most devastating skills, Fatecarver, is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online with the Necrom Chapter. Casting the skill costs Crux – runes of energy you can accumulate by using some abilities on your Arcanist. In this guide, Hack The Minotaur shows how to build a powerful Stamina Arcanist and maximize your damage by stacking Crux. 



    Build Stats

    Maximum Magicka: 13972

    Maximum Health: 23089

    Maximum Stamina: 29644


    Magicka Recovery: 1407

    Health Recovery: 1485

    Stamina Recovery: 2180


    Spell Damage: 4770

    Spell Critical: 57.6%

    Spell Penetration: 7189


    Weapon Damage: 4770

    Weapon Critical: 57.6%

    Physical Penetration: 7189


    Spell Resistance: 18276

    Critical Resistance: 1320

    Physical Resistance: 18276


    Attributes: 64 points into Stamina


    Race: Khajiit is a good option for this build because of its Feline Ambush passive that increases your critical damage and critical healing. Arcanist also has similar passive skills, so you can obtain those bonuses from both your Race and Class. Of course, any damage-focused Race, such as High Elf or Dark Elf, will also work.


    Mondus: The Thief


    Food: Food that can recover Stamina, such as Artaeum Takeaway Broth (best) or Dubious Camoran Throne (cheaper)


    Potion: Basic Stamina potions or Tri-Stat Potion (better)


    Gear Setup











    Maximum Stamina


    Deadly Strike



    Maximum Stamina


    Deadly Strike



    Maximum Stamina


    Order’s Wrath



    Maximum Stamina


    Order’s Wrath



    Maximum Stamina


    Deadly Strike



    Maximum Stamina


    Deadly Strike



    Maximum Stamina


    Order’s Wrath




    Ring 1

    Deadly Strike




    Ring 2

    Oakensoul Ring




    Main Hand Weapon

    Order’s Wrath



    Fiery Weapon

    Off Hand Weapon

    Order’s Wrath



    Poisoned Weapon


    Order's Wrath's five-piece bonus grants you extra Critical Chance. The set is craftable, which means it's easy to get the Order's Wrath with the exact Traits you want on it. Because Arcanists can deal tons of Critical Damage, so having extra Critical Chance will be helpful.


    Deadly Strike's five-piece bonus increases the damage your DoT and channeled abilities do by 15%. So your Pragmatic Fatecarver and The Tide King's Gaze (Ultimate) will be buffed by this set. Deadly Strike is a PvP gear set that comes from Cyrodiil vendors, but it is also frequently sold on Guild Traders. So you can buy Deadly Strike if you have some extra gold to spend.


    Slimecraw is a Monster set. This build uses its helm piece for extra Critical Chance.


    Oakensoul Ring is a great item to maximize your potential on the one-bar build. It gives you tons of buffs. Most of the buffs are accessible when you play as an Arcanist with two bars, but to make a super easy rotation, Oakensoul Ring is still the best way to go.


    Skill Setup for Solo

    Casting the skill of Fatecarver in ESO

    Casting the skill of Fatecarver in ESO

    Pragmatic Fatecarver is a 4.5-second channeled skill that damages anything in the beam. The skill ticks every 0.3 seconds, so you'll get about three damage ticks every second. Casting the Pragmatic Fatecarver consumes all of your Crux and increases damage done by 33%. Since this skill costs Crux, it's important to know how to build Crux.


    Recuperative Treatise has a long duration and does bonus damage when you cast Class abilities. Most importantly, it is a buff for Crux building: Recuperative Treatise generates 1 Crux if you have none, meaning you will always have at least 1 Crux as soon as you spend all three of your Crux on your Fatecarver ability. As long as you have Recuperative Treatise active, you'll get one Crux back immediately. 


    Chakram of Destiny is an awesome shield for the Arcanist, and when you cast this skill two times in a row, it gives you 30% bonus strength. Also, when you cast this skill, it will generate Crux. This skill, together with Recuperative Treatise, will generate three Crux: You activate Recuperative Treatise first and then cast Chakram of Destiny two times. 


    Evolving Runemend not only heals you and an ally in front of you three times but also generates Crux. To get three Crux, you can activate Recuperative Treatise first and then cast Chakram of Destiny for one time, and lastly, hit Evolving Runemend. Evolving Runemend is an excellent option to gain both Crux and healing.


    *Keep in mind that even though all those abilities are showing up as Magicka on the tooltip in the video, they actually change their cost to whatever resource is highest. Since this is a Stamina Arcanist build, all these skills will switch over to Stamina cost.


    Rune of the Colorless Pool is a great debuff for solo and group content. It applies Minor Vulnerability and Minor Brittle to enemies, increasing their damage taken by 5% and their Critical Damage taken by 10%. That means you can deal 15% more damage in total by using this skill. For solo content, Rune of the Colorless Pool is a great skill because you don't have anybody else to apply these debuffs to a target. For group content, if your Tank or Healer is running those debuffs as well, you can swap out this skill for damage. 


    Moreover, Rune of the Colorless Pool paralyzes monsters for 8 seconds, which will be helpful when facing more dangerous enemies like mages, casters, especially archers who can one-shot you in a solo arena.


    The Tide King's Gaze (Ultimate) does a beam for 8 seconds, dealing tons of damage to enemies. This is a DoT skill, so it is also getting buffed by Deadly Strike.


    Skill Rotation for Solo

    Make sure your first Crux buff – Recuperative Treatise is up. Go ahead and debuff the enemy with Rune of the Colorless Pool, and then you're going to apply your Chakram of Destiny to gain Crux. Once you have three Crux and your Pragmatic Fatecarver is ready, cast Pragmatic Fatecarver for double damage. After that, you can cast Chakram of Destiny skills to get Crux and cast Pragmatic Fatecarver again. 


    Make sure you're maintaining your buffs and debuffs in between and cast Evolving Runemend when you need healing. Keep applying Pragmatic Fatecarver and use your The Tide King's Gaze (Ultimate) when it's ready.


    Skill Setup for Group

    If you play in a group, you don't need many defensive skills. To increase your damage for group content, you can replace your defensive skill and healing skill with some powerful offensive skills, such as Escalating Runeblades and Cephaliarch's Flail. 


    Escalating Runeblades can be used as your main DPS skill when you are in a group. It is a very simple skill that generates Crux as well.


    Cephaliarch's Flail is another Crux-generating skill. This skill has a unique debuff called Abyssal Ink, with which your damage will be increased by 5%. It's also an execution skill, as it deals up to 100% more damage to enemies with less than 50% Health.


    Skill Rotation for Group

    Make sure your first Crux buff – Recuperative Treatise, is up. Go ahead and debuff the enemy with Rune of the Colorless Pool and then the Cephaliarch's Flail. Cast Escalating Runeblades to generate Crux. Once you have three Crux, cast Pragmatic Fatecarver. 


    As long as your buffs are up, it should only take two casts of Escalating Runeblades, and then you can do Pragmatic Fatecarver again. Also, make sure you're maintaining your Recuperative Treatise and Cephaliarch's Flail.


    Passive Skills


    Class Skill Line

    Fated Fortune

    Harnessed Quintessence

    Psychic Lesion

    Splintered Secrets

    Aegis of The Unseen

    Wellspring of The Abyss

    Circumvented Fate

    Implacable Outcome

    Healing Tides

    Hideous Clarity


    Intricate Runeforms


    Weapon Skill Line


    Dual Wield Expert

    Controlled Fury


    Twin Blade And Blunt


    Armor Skill Line



    Spell Warding




    Wind Walker




    Guild Skill Line

    Undaunted Mettle


    Racial Skill Line

    All Racial Passives


    Craft Skill Line

    Medicinal Use


    Champion Points



    Wrathful Strikes (Slot)

    Thaumaturge (Slot)

    Biting Aura (Slot)

    Fighting Finesse (Slot)


    Thaumaturge and Biting Aura will apply to your Pragmatic Fatecarver. 



    Rejuvenation (Slot)

    Fortified (Slot)

    Boundless Vitality (Slot)

    Bloody Renewal (Slot)


    Bloody Renewal is helpful when you have Stamina sustain issues on this build. If you want to play more defensively, you can choose Bastion instead, especially on the solo build, to buff damage shields by 15%.



    Steed's Blessing (Slot)

    Treasure Hunter (Slot)

    Rationer (Slot)

    Liquid Efficiency (Slot)


    That is the one-bar Stamina Arcanist build for the Necrom Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. If you found this guide helpful, please hit the Like button and subscribe to Hack The Minotaur's channel for more Arcanist builds and guides.


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