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The Important Updates of Elysium Are Coming

Shirley Huang July 10th, 2017 Elysium    Elysium Gold    Elysium Power Leveling   

Good News! There are some important updates are coming to Elysium’s realms. As a professional Elysium gold seller, we would like to share these updates that from Elysium project, and Elysium fans are exciting these updates.


Scourge Invasion & Naxxramas Patch 1.12 PTR:

The Naxxramas raid PTR will be available on July 12th

The PTR will feature a transferred database from Anathema 

Light Hope's Chapel quest hub revamp

Various PVP rewards will be updated

Check this for more details: Elysium Naxxramas Public Test.


Anathema Realm

Some updates are coming to Anathema (Patch 1.10) on July 12th:

T0.5 Items and Quest line

Many items will be updated and new ones will be added to Stratholme, Scholomance, UBRS, LBRS and etc

Increase reputation gain in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin

Minor bug fixes and changes


Elysium Realm

Patch 1.6 – "Assault on Blackwing Lair" is coming on July 19th:

The Blackwing Lair raid will be opened

Bindings of the Windseeker will be available

The Darkmoon Faire will be opened

Various PVP rewards will be updated


Darrowshire Realm

Patch 1.8 - "Dragons of Nightmare" is coming on July 26th:

4 new world bosses will be available: Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, Ysondre

These bosses stand for radiance of dark energy.

Emeriss is the most gruesome and appalling dragon in dragons. The dark power transformed Emeriss into a diseased monster within Emerald dream.

Lethon is one of the most trusted lieutenants in dragons. It is considered to be the most formidable lieutenant.

Taerar is a cunning and relentless dragon. It has ability to split into multiple entities. Each entity possesses destructive magical power.

Ysondre’s power is formidable and it is not hesitate to crush anyone who closes to it.


There are some comments from players as below.


“Also one thing that isn't currently working properly on Darrowshire is called "Goblin technician" packs. There are 2 incorrect functions I believe.

1. How it works ½ of the time: Goblin technicians attack the highest person on their threat table together. [Correct]

 How it works other ½ of the time: Goblin technicians are permanently aggro to the person who pulled them and ignore threat until that person is dead. [Wrong]

2. How it works 100% of the time: Goblin technicians will start "harvesting" a dead player corpse and get stuck on it if there is no other players nearby.

 Abuse easily by: having 1 player pull goblin technicians far away from the raid and dying causing the goblin technicians to stay at that dead player and not go after the raid.

I am sorry I know there is a bug tracker where I am supposed to report this but I just... I'm lazy. Instead I'm typing it here, hoping for it to be fixed, so people on the newest realm can get polished content.

There's also a weird interaction between CC and the technicians, such as death coil or Polymorph causes them to unlink their threat tables and attack different targets. I don't recommend anyone trying to CC these packs in their current state. Not that this is the proper way to handle them in the first place.

Also I can't wait for half of Darrowshire to get banned as they fight over the Dragons of nightmare with the "improved world boss ruling" GM's will have a busy day for sure.”



“The bug tracker is seriously the place where you can report issues. It helps us out far more than reporting bugs on the forums as we most likely won't notice any reports and if we do, we might easily forget about them. Also, please provide any useful resource and proof that the current behavior is wrong.”


A full list of all recent server updates have been posted here, more updated news you can visit our site: Of course, you can prepare enough Elysium gold before the release of 1.12 PTR.


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