Elysium Project Latest Update: Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.4 - The Call to War

By Shirley Huang2018-01-08

Elysium Project Nighthaven realm has been live for two months. A stable online player population (3,500 - 5,500), and a near even faction balance between the Alliance and Horde, have made it the place to play Vanilla World of Warcraft. As a fresh progression realm, Nighthaven is full of all new characters that works through Vanilla content from Patch 1.2 to Patch 1.12 over the next year.

The next step in the progression begins with the release of Patch 1.4 - The Call to War (January 6, 2018). Please note that this release only is a content update. Core code bug fixes will come in the next development update. Here would like to share this event with Elysium fans.


PvP Honor System

The much anticipated Player versus Player Honor System is now active. Players can be able to gain rankings based on their PvP performance, and each faction is offering lucrative rewards for those distinguishing themselves in World PvP! Battlegrounds are planned for Patch 1.5.


Gurubashi Arena Event

There is a regular event in Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. Every three hours starting at midnight, a pirate with too much treasure on his hands will drop a chest in the center of the arena. Whoever can open the chest first will get the contents! Of course, the arena is for All area PvP, so there might be other players who are trying to open it first.



Elemental Invasions

It is reported that Elemental Invasions at different locations on Kalimdor, occurring sporadically every few days. Concerned adventurers should investigate Silithus, Un'Goro Crater, Azshara and Winterspring to counter these incursions.



Now it has a whole new look that level 60 mounts purchased at vendors. Faster undead mounts already have a different look. The new mounts can stand near the mount vendors. If you have one of the old fast mounts, you can exchange it for a new look at the mount vendor.

Riding skill and mount prices have been switched to allow players to buy multiple mounts. Total cost for first mount (standard and epic) is effectively the same.

Savory Deviate Delight hast buff is now a 10% buff, down from 50%.


Dungeons & Raids

Scholomance Itemization

Added 20 new rare items to Scholomance.

Upgrade several uncommon items to rare quality.

Jandice Barov, Rattlegore and Lord Alexei Barov will drop one rare item at least.

Ras Frostwhisper will drop two Rare items at least.


Stratholme Itemization

Add 26 new rare items to Stratholme.

Upgrade several uncommon items to rare quality.

Archivist Galford, Baroness Anastasi, Nerub'enkan and Maleki the Pallid will always drop one rare item at least.


Raid Itemization

Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, Onyxia and all Molten Core boss creatures have received some new items on their loot tables.

Onyxia will drop two upper tier class set helms once again.

Most of the non-class set items that dropped from Molten Core and Onyxia have had their effective levels increased, resulting in higher DPS weapons, or better stats and effects.

Players who defeat the Majordomo Executes encounter will be rewarded with new epic items. This reward will only be granted the first time the encounter is defeated during the 6 day lifespan of a Molten Core instance.

Some of the Molten Core bosses have been improved for the loot tables, so they will drop an additional epic item after killing one boss.

Onyxia, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak World bosses will no longer drop random blue items that lower the level 50.


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