Elysium Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.5 Battlegrounds and First PVP Arena Tournament Will Coming Soon

By Shirley Huang2018-02-08

Elysium Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.5 Battlegrounds is coming on Feb 10.

Nighthaven's First PVP Arena Tournament will begin on Sunday, Feb 11.

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Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.5 Battlegrounds

The Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley battlegrounds will come to Nighthaven. Players are looking for structured PvP battles.

- The Warsong Gulch entrances may be found in the northern Barrens near the Mor'Shan Rampart (Horde) and south of Silverwing Outpost in Ashenvale (Alliance).

- The Alterac Valley entrances may be found east of Sofera's Naze in Alterac (Horde), and in the Headlands of Alterac (Alliance).



Dishonorable kills gained by killing a trivial Civilian NPC. Now there is a negative impact on a player's honor.

Craftsmen will be happy to know that the Thorium Brotherhood has opened up many new opportunities to gain favor amongst their clan (even for level 60 players).

Additional new raid items will be added to the treasure lists for Azuregos, Lord Kazzak and bosses in Molten Core.



Players who reach level 44-52 will find a new quest hub for both factions at Thorium Point in the Searing Gorge. Horde players also have a new quest hub at Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands.

Please note: this release is only a content update.


New Items

New Quests


Elysium Nighthaven's First PVP Arena Tournament

Welcome to Nighthaven's first Guild vs Guild tournament! Elysium Project will host a Championship tournament after all teams have battled, and then have a champion.


When will the tournament begin?

This tournament will be hosted on 8:00pm Server time Every Sunday! That is 2pm EST / 11am PST. Challengers and spectators should arrive at 7:45 as the gates will close and you will not be permitted entry after 8:00pm server time.


Who can participate this tournament?

Any player who reaches level 60 can participate this tournament. 2 Teams must be formed by registering on 

Please Note: This is a Guild vs Guild tournament. There will be a Cap of 50 teams participating!

Players must be in the same guild to form a team together. 


Where will the tournament hold?

Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale on Elysium's Nighthaven Realm. Please wait in the stands for direction from the GM team.



This tournament is single elimination. Teams will wait instructions on the day by the GM team running the event. Teams will wait in the crowd for their teams’ name to be called, and then they will enter the arena and await instructions. Anyone interfering with the tournament from the stands is open to a 24 account ban and removal from all future events.

1. Per participant per round allows to use 1 health potion & 1 mana potion.

2. No other potions are to be used.

3. Players may be buffed with their team comp's buffs.

4. No engineering or other items are to be used.

5. Equipped trinkets are allowed to be used.
6. If possible, you may use resurrection spells to revive your fallen teammate.

7. Any teams or observers who are disrupting or not following direction will be disqualified and removed from the arena. If you choose to purposefully attack or interfere with a match, your account could be suspended for 24 hours.

What Prizes will winners get?

1st: 7,000 Honor points + 250g reward to each team member and entry to finals

2nd: 5,000 Honor points + 100g reward to each team member

3rd: 5,000 Honor points reward to each team member

Elysium Project will be hosting a Championship tournament once they have completed 4 qualifying tournaments.


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