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ArcheAge Unchained News & Guides

How to Grasp the Economic Lifeblood in Archeage

John RyanJuly 30th, 2015

Most ordinary players who want to get reward have few front-end investments, maybe learn a little more about the game, but are not able to clearly grasp in-game commodity prices. When and what kinds of high-value and high-consumption materials have been studied thoroughly by countless players, so our Archeage gold selling site reminds players not to be at the mercy of others, as a tool for others to gain profits.

ArcheAge Naval Battle Massive PVP Strategy Guide

John RyanJuly 29th, 2015

PVP battle is obviously one of the most attractive parts that players are fond of in ArcheAge. Naval PVP battle is a battle between one player and another player, or a battle between players and players. Naval battle massive PVP is actually the way of a battle between a few of guilds across the sea in order to challenge fellow players for guild glory and plunder.

Archeage Gold in Mmogah, Your Best Choice

John RyanJuly 29th, 2015

As a booming MMORPG, Archeage is not only available in South Korea but also in North American, European, Australian, even Russia. In other words, Archeage is more and more popular among players all over the world. Why is Archeage so popular among players? The reason is that it is a game with high degree of freedom, including various gameplays-Air, Land and Sea (life skills and combat skills are totally used in Archeage) players can experience the freedom of Archeage.

Fancy New Glider Upgraded in ArcheAge

John RyanJuly 24th, 2015

In this July, the dream of soaring through the sky above Erenor comes true. Here we are very happy to introduce the top-tier Gliders is available now in marketplace and which is given a new progression path in ArcheAge world.

The Comprehensive Analysis of Four Senior Gliders in Archeage

John RyanJuly 24th, 2015

As we know, Archeage is a MMORPG which involves Land, Sea, Air three fields. When it comes to the Land, mounts are necessary for players; when it comes to the Sea, ships are necessary for player; when it comes to the Air, gliders are necessary for players.

The Featured Gameplay-the Trial System in Archeage

John RyanJuly 22nd, 2015

Nowadays, Archeage becomes more and more popular, which depends on not only its combat system and life system, but also featured trial system. Here our Archeage gold selling site wants to introduce the featured trial system in detail.

ArcheAge Gold Discount Coupon Is Available at Mmogah

John RyanJuly 21st, 2015

ArcheAge is known as a fantasy massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced and developed by South Korean group, XL Games. Because of owning a large number of loyal subscribers worldwide, ArcheAge is not only available in South Korea but also for North American, European, Australian, and even Russian players.

Recommended Classes and Gear Choices in ArcheAge

John RyanJuly 17th, 2015

Archeage, a popular MMORPG, is developed by Korea game company XL Games. In this guide, we decided to share our information with ArcheAge players especially the newer to the game, while lots of players did not have the know-how to create such kind of guide or strategies for themselves. This guide will emphasis on the basics of class selection and proper gear choice to level your characters up efficiently.

The Analysis of the Pirate in Archeage

John RyanJuly 17th, 2015

There are three parties in Archeage: Eastern Continent Alliance, Western Continent Alliance and Pirate. As the third party, pirate is the most vulnerable, which is only active in territorial waters. Pirate is the member who comes from either Eastern Continent or Western Continent, of course, pirate can also go back to the original continent by cleaning the evil points.

New Marketplace Updates and Naval Outfits and Uniforms Are Available Now in ArcheAge World

John RyanJuly 15th, 2015

Naval Outfits and Uniforms Item 1: The Auroran Navy Uniform and Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit have just came into the game of ArgeAge. How players get them: The Auroran Navy Uniform and Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit are rare rewards and untradeable in game, and they drop from the new Sailor’s Strongbox. Sailor’s Strongbox is available for 490 Credits.

The Summary of Logging on the Eastern and Western Continents in Archeage

John RyanJuly 15th, 2015

Logs are very popular in Archeage, because making a lot of things needs logs, so all players are inseparable from logs. Almost life players regard logging as the main life skill, in addition to buying saplings to plant themselves (here Archeage gold will be needed), players often do lumbering in the wild, as we know the later method is usually a better choice.

ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide in ArcheAge World

John RyanJuly 10th, 2015

ArcheAge is known as a fantasy massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced and developed by a famous South Korean group, XL Games. It is not only available in South Korea but also for North American, European, Australian, and even Russian players. In this assay we would like to talk about some strategies for money making in ArcheAge.

The Salvage of the Dead Leviathan in Archeage

John RyanJuly 10th, 2015

Leviathan, the most powerful BOSS on the sea, its surface is covered with long and fine wrinkles, particularly its back is as hard as a shield which makes itself own strong defense ability, so many players will be needed to be together to kill it (about the introduction of Leviathan, which we have done before, if you want to know about it, please click here).

Fast Upgrading Strategy Guide Shared by Professional Archeage Player

John RyanJuly 08th, 2015

Generally the most important factor for rapidly leveling up is the allocation of classes on your team. In this game, two characters to level up as a group is the best choice for early upgrading. The two classes are usually a DPS and a Healer which would be a stable and perfect choice for clearing wild beasts efficiently and keeping safe during upgrading process.

The Cart for Trade Run on the Continents in Archeage

John RyanJuly 08th, 2015

Trade run on the continent is one of the most popular gameplays in Archeage, which is also a better choice for making money. When it comes to trade run, we have to say that vehicles are the most important, how much players earn depends on what types of ship they have. Now, our Archeage gold selling site will be glad to introduce the most representative vehicle-cart to all players.

How to Choose a Reliable ArcheAge Gold Seller to Purchase Cheap In-game Gold

John RyanJuly 03rd, 2015

Archeage is a popular MMORPG which is developed by Korea game company XL Games. As known that Nuia and Harihara are the two main continents in game, and there are four big races in total which are Nomadic Firran, Secretive Elves, Spiritual Nuians and Cunning Harani. ArcheAge gold is the official currency in game. Players are allowed to farm gold to support their characters’ daily live by buying blueprints/certificates for guild and trade it in auction house.

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