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Guide to WoW Battle for Azeroth Character Boost 110

Shirley Huang September 25th, 2018 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

WoW new expansion - Battle for Azeroth includes a Character Boost that levels a character on your Blizzard account to level 110.

WoW Character Boost is a feature that allows any character to be upgraded to a higher level that isn't on the specified level. This boost may be used on any character that is below level 110, but the original character’s level influences on the bonuses the boosted character gets. Here as a professional wow level boost site would like to share the details with wow fans. Some contents are from the


Mounts and Riding Skill

Boosted characters can receive the Artisan riding skill, and they are able to fly in all flight-enabled zones, except those gated behind an achievement. At the same time, they will receive a basic flying mount if they don't have any flying mount.


How is wow character boost 110 Works

Apply a Character Boost for your account, a new icon will appear on the character select screen. Click it, you can through the boost process based on the game guide.
After you have boosted characters, you can obtain an artifact weapon and unlock characters' Class Order Hall after accepting the quest offered to them upon arriving in Dalaran. 

Note: After boosting your character, other quests will open up to 24 hours, regardless of your progress through the opening quest line.


Best Classes to Boost Character to 110

If your selected character is level 60 or higher, you’ll get a “Veteran Bonus”, two primary professions and First Aid skill boosted to 800 automatically. If you don’t have selected professions, you’ll automatically be given professions based on the character wears armor’s type .


Plate wearers will learn Blacksmithing and Mining.

Leather users will learn Leatherworking and Skinning.

Clothes will learn Tailoring and Enchanting.

Unfortunately, trial characters are not eligible for the Veteran Bonus. If you’re looking to boost a Death Knight, a quick jaunt through the starter zone should get you to level 60, and then you will get the Veteran Bonus for boosting.


Limitations and Restrictions

  • Make sure you make a correct decision before you finalize the boost. Blizzard will not assist with anything once you completed boost.
  • If a character has a WoW Token in the inventory, bank or mailbox, you can't boost this character.
  • Your character's quest log will be cleared during the boost, and any quest progress will be lost.
  • On your boosted character for 72 hours, you can't purchase character services.
  • Warlords of Draenor Garrisons must be unlocked through normal play.
  • Boosted characters are unable to enter raids and dungeons of previous expansions for 24 hours.
  • Boosting an Allied Race character will prevent it from earning its Heritage Armor.

Where to go, what to do

If this isn’t your first character at level 110, you probably know what to do next. If not, there are many places to go, depending on what your endgame goal is.

You’ll start in Dalaran with the first quest towards unlocking Argus. You can progress in that chain through Sizing up the Opposition or wait 24 hours to be able to do anything else.

Every class has an Order Hall campaign that tells a story unique to that class. Completing that is a great story, it ends with the acquisition of your class wow mount. Just go to your class hall and follow the quest markers to get started.


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