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FFXI Endgame Progression Guide

Bosbone August 03rd, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

After reaching level 99, you are probably thinking, what can/should I do next? Since there is so much Endgame content, you probably don't know where to begin or what is available. But don't worry, MMOGAH is here to help you out. This article will cover some Endgame events that you can do, explain how they work, and when you can participate. So let’s start.


Choosing your Jobs

The first important choice in your Endgame career is choosing the jobs you'll take on. From my experience, it's generally not a good idea to concentrate just on one job the entire time. Of course, you are free to stick with the job you chose to reach 99, but it would be wise to explore other options. Here are some jobs you should consider depending on your playing style. If you are a Damage Dealer (DD/DPS) you can try Warrior (WAR), Monk (MNK), Dark Knight (DRK), Samurai (SAM), or Dragoon (DRG). If you play a Tank, you should try Paladin, Ninja, Puppetmaster, or Rune Fencer, but in specific situations, Warriors, Monks, and Dancers can also function as tanks. If you play as a Support, you should choose Red Mage, Bard, Dancer, or Corsair. Healers can try White Mage and Scholar. However, by visiting this wiki page, you can find an in-depth analysis of every job.


How to Earn Gil as a Newbie

Making Gil, especially as a new player, can be challenging, but even as a level 99 player, there are ways to increase your budget.


The easiest way to get Gil in FFXI is by visiting MMOGAH’s store, where you can always find the best deals.


Gobbie Mystery Box

Another way of getting Gil is the Gobbie Mystery Box, but your character needs to be at least 45 days old, and you will need a ton of luck. You can choose to spin the Special Dial for 50 Tally and receive a random item from practically any item in the game. A Goblin can also give you 50 Tally points in exchange for a Coffer Key, which you can purchase from a Curio Vendor Moogle for 5000 Gil. This allows you to spin the unique dial once a day for 5000 Gil, which generates a sizable profit over time.


A.M.A.N. Trove


A.M.A.N. Trove


Once you reach level 99 and have a character that is at least 45 days old, you can visit the AMAN Trove, a unique battlefield. To begin, speak with Greyson next to the Lower Jeuno exit. You can create monthly Records of Eminence objectives for AMAN Trove to earn Silver Vouchers. These vouchers are exchanged for Mars or Venus orbs by Greyson, who will then allow you to use them to enter the battlefield by exchanging them for the Burning Circles at Horlais Peak, Waughroon Shrine, or Balga's Dais. So basically, it's a mini-game where you need luck because if you open up a Mimic, you will probably die, and you'll lose all the treasure you gathered.



As you explore the game, you will begin to collect quite a few crystals.  Your crystals will be stored if you trade them to an Ephemeral Moogle, which you can find in most crafting guilds. However, they'll be returned to you in clusters when you request their return. Clusters stack up to 12 and are worth 12 crystals each.


Notable Storylines

There are certain storylines you should finish first and collect some great rewards, like Rajas Ring, Brutal Earrin, Ethereal Earring, Permanent Capacity Point bonuses, Adouling Rings, Moonshade Earring, and many more. Since many of the stories will take a while, I wouldn't necessarily advise rushing to finish them all as soon as possible. These three storylines, in my opinion, are crucial.


Rhapsodies of Vana'Diel

As it unlocks multiple areas necessary for the endgame and offers TONS of important upgrades, finishing this story should be a high priority. Unfortunately, unless you've made the effort to obtain a lot of +1/+2 Ambuscade gear, the final fight will probably not be solo-able. You can either wait till you're better equipped or you should ask for assistance in the town. Many players will be happy to assist.


Wings of the Goddess

Although this story is the longest, it is definitely a good one. Complete this storyline for the Moonshade Earring, which is fantastic for both melee and mage jobs.  Additionally, it grants entry to an Endgame fight with amazing rewards.


Rise of the Zilart


Rise of the Zilart


This story is so brief that you could probably finish it in a few hours. It gives access to the battle Divine Might, which can grant the Suppanomimi Earring, a particularly powerful item for dual-wielding occupations. You can take on the fight Apocalypse Nigh after finishing both this and Chains of Promathia to obtain the Ethereal Earring, an excellent defensive item.



A very well-liked section of the Endgame is called Omen. First, you have to finish the Rhapsodies of Vana'Diel storyline to "unlock" Omen. It is a  crucial element of the Endgame content. Omen requires you (and a full party) to traverse several floors or rooms while battling either single bosses or hordes of enemies. Scales/Job Cards (which can be used to upgrade your reforged AF to +2 and +3) and Equipment are the two main types of rewards offered by Omen, as well as other great items.


How to Access Omen

By initially speaking with Incantrix in Reisenjima, you can access Omen. He will offer you a Mystical Canteen Key Item, and after that, he will start producing them every 20 IRL hours.  There can be a maximum of 4 canteens available at any given moment because Incantrix can store up to 3 canteens, and you can only hold 1 at a time. You can enter Omen by examining the Earthly Concrescence close to Incantrix once you have a Mystical Canteen.


Notable Rewards

Sherida Earring, Anu Torque, Niqmaddu Ring, Yamarang, Reforged AF Armor +2 and +3, Erra Pendant, Ammurapi Shield, Shulmanu Collar, Enmerkar Earing, Utu Grip, Dragon Beast, Iskur Gorget, Kishar Ring, Enki Strap and more.





Even though vagary is a rather complex event, you don't need to know a lot to start taking part. Basically, there are three different raids (Gates) you can choose. Each gate includes a unique set of enemies, bosses, and mechanics, some of which can be quite challenging. The number of players will not affect Vagary's difficulty. For example, this segment isn't particularly challenging for a party of six. Something worth mentioning is that for each objective, there are Records of Eminence Objectives, so it’s important to set them before you enter.


How to Access Vagary

Firstly, you must complete the Watery Grave quest (Seekers of Adoulin) if you are the party or alliance leader; if not, you simply need to be there in Outer Ra'Kaznar when the leader starts the event. Then, you must trade a vial of Befouled Water (left by Fomors in Outer Ra'Kaznar) to the Odyssean entrance in Leafallia. This will give you the Prototype Sigil Pearl, which is needed to enter Vagary.


Notable Rewards

Umbra Strap, Befouled Crown, Cryptic Earring, Odium, materials for Reforged Empyrean Armor +1, Etiolation Earring, Tartarus Platemail, and other valuable stuff that you can sell in the Auction House.


Domain Invasion

The first significant endgame event you can participate in is Domain Invasion (DI), and in this area, you will meet some of the toughest monsters in Vana'Diel.


How to Access Domain Invasion

By chatting to the NPC at the beginning of the zone, choosing "Receive Elvorseal," and then accepting their offer to teleport you to the combat area. There will be a 5 to 10-minute introduction period for new players before the first wave of monsters spawns. Once these enemies are destroyed, a boss dragon will appear. After defeating the dragon, all players that participated will receive Domain Points, which can later be used with the NPC Zurim in Norg.


Notable Rewards

Sancity Necklace (Armor, 100 Domain Points) DEF:14, HP+35, MP+35,  Attack+10, Accuracy+10, Ranged Attack+10, Ranged Accuracy+10, Magic Accuracy+10, Magic Atk. Bonus"+10, Regen+2

Eabani Earring (Armor, 100 DP) HP+45, Evasion+15, Magic Evasion+8, Dual Wield+4

Izdubar Mantle (Armor, 100 DP) DEF:12, MP+25, Magic Accuracy+5, Magic Atk. Bonus+10, Conserve MP+2

Solemnity Cape (Armor, 100 DP) DEF:17, Resist Charm+15, Conserve MP+5, Cure potency +7%, Damage taken -4%

Shijo (Weapon, 200 DP) only for Thief (THF) DMG:103, Delay:195, Accuracy+10,  Attack+10, Evasion+22, Dagger skill +242, Parrying skill +242, Magic Accuracy skill +188, Critical hit rate +4%, Critical hit damage +5%, Additional effect: "Flee"

Rhomphaia (Weapon, 200 DP) only for Dragoon (DRG)

Escha Beads (With them, you can acquire Eschalixir and the Malformed Key items used to forge Aeonic Weapons )


And that would be it for this topic. We hope the details we gave you on the Endgame progression were useful. Remember that there are many more things that you can do, so we only touched on a few of them. We will definitely cover more topics regarding FFXI, so don’t forget to visit MMOGAH for more daily updates and news.

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