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WoW War of the Thorns Chapter 1 Is Now Live

Shirley Huang July 25th, 2018 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

The War of the Thorns is the pre-patch event starts on July 24th and last until August 14th. Alliance War of the Thorns Quest line part one starts on July 24th, and part two is speculated to start on July 31st. Here mmogah.com would like to share the details with wow fans.


What is the War of the Thorns?

"Conflict emerges in Darkshore as the Horde and Alliance battle for control over Teldrassil in this limited time event!"
The War of the Thorns (known as the Burning of Teldrassil) is a conflict that was fought between the Alliance and Horde for the possession of Northern Kalimdor, and which resulted in the destruction of Teldrassil. Its consequences directly led to an Alliance retaliation in the form of the Battle for Lordaeron. Survivors went to both Stormwind City and Azuremyst Isle.

The Horde and alliance will go through a series of quests to try and gain control Teldrassil until the launch of Battle for Azeroth.


Mount Rewards

Complete the War of the Thorns campaign rewards each faction with their own unique, faction-specific mounts.

World Quests

These world quests reward gear, azurite and reputation. In order to unlock the world quests, you must complete the Horde or the Alliance War of the Thorns quest line.


Alliance War of the Thorns Quest line Part One is now live

Once pre-patch hits on July 17th, the Alliance will receive a quest called “A Short-Lived Peace” in which will take them to King Anduin Wrynn in Stormwind Keep.
After arriving in Astranaar, you will see the Forsaken Forces have overrun the city. Sylvanas has ordered her minions to attack the town, resulting in the death of many Darnassian soldiers. To keep the Horde from progressing further, Malfurion raises a temporary wall of wisps to act as a blockade. Although this wall could be penetrated at any moment by the Horde's azerite-driven machines and explosives, it buys the alliance enough time to regroup in Darnassus to plan for the worst.

Who: Level 110 players

Where: Begins in Stormwind for Alliance and Undercity for Horde
Rewards: Reputation, New Items from limited time World Quests, Faction Pride and wow gold,

The part one is a limited time event, which leads to the Battle for Azeroth’s launch.


A Short-Lived Peace

After meeting with King Anduin Wrynn in Stormwind Keep in  A Short-Lived Peace, the Alliance will begin the defense against the Horde's attack in Teldrassil. The Horde is attacking the Night Elves, left vulnerable by much of their fleet headed to Silithus.


Long Away

After the conflict with Sylvanas, Malfurion then asks you to travel to Darnassus to rally the troops in quest Long Away.


Hidden Amongst the Leaves

After using the Fey dragon to defeat the Horde, the alliance will then find hidden druids in the quest Hidden Amongst the Leaves and find out what has turned the Furbolgs so hostile.


Enraged Furbolgs

Enraged Furbolgs: Find those who cry for help within the Blackwood Den.

The Wake of Something new: Find the source of Onu's pain.


Malfurion Returns

After helping Onu and the Furblogs, Malfurion asked you to head to the Wildbend River to help slay the Horde forces.


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