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WoW Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry No.3 Boss Beastlord Darmac

Database and background of Beastlord Darmac:

Boss Darmac rapidly rose through the ranks of the Thunderlord as a young and talented orc trainer of beasts. Comparing with other orcs who only saw animal instincts, Darmac not only emphasizes on bone and muscle of beasts but also their intelligence and potential from brain. Therefore Darmac trained and output the most savage beasts of Daenor when the Iron Horde demanded.


Where you can find Beastload Darmac?

Players can find the boss Darmac in the Breaking Grounds, the 2nd exit on the right of the workshop in World of Warcraft.


Profession configuration suggestions:

10 Men Team: 2 Tanks, 3 Heals, 5DPS

20 Men Team: 2 Tanks, 5 Heals, 13DPS

30 Men Team: 2 Tanks, 6-7 Heals, 20-21DPS


Tip: Try to increase numbers of heals during instance raid period, then generally decrease numbers of heals when team members are proficient with this instance.


Boss Beastlord Darmac Tips & Strategy:

In the beginning Darmac attacks players by ways of walking towards them in front of a group of tamed and brutal beasts. When Darmac’s HP decreases to 85%, 65% and 45%, he will choose the savage beast which is in the best condition of Health to mount in order to retain some of the abilities for remaining fight.

  • Before Darmac’ HP decreasing to 85%, 65% and 45%, players need to defeat all the tamed and brutal beasts around Darmac speedily in order to avoid Darmac mounting and force him to the next phase.

  • Prime beast of Dreadwing, the Rylak locates at Point A who grants the ability Superheated Shrapnel to Darmac.

  • Prime beast of Ironcrusher, the Elekk locates at Point B who grants the ability of Tantrum.

  • Prime beast of Cruelfang, the Worg locates at Point C who grants the ability of Rend and Tear to Darmac.

  • There are packs of beasts at Point D.

  • After that there will be a long phase to fight Darmac who is with all three abilities granted by the three prime beasts.


  • When fight comes to the 3rd phase, try to not sustain at Phase three too long and suggest that team members who have skill of Bloodlust can leave them in this phase.

  • Dodge the damage skill of Pinned Down. But if a member got Pinned Down, others need to immediately kill the Heavy Spear on that member.

  • Ranged, especially Ranged DPS must spread out to avoid excessive movement and make sure that the damage skills of Conflagration and Rend and Tear from Darmac are never spread.


In a word, analyze each previous data of fight, try more times, and improve players’ performance.


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