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WoW Strategy Guide for the Blackrock Foundry Raid of Final Boss Blackhand

In the raid of Blackrock Foundry to Warlords of Draenor, Blackhand is the final and the toughest Boss who can be accessed after players take down Blast Furnace, Iron Maidens and Kromog. Running the boss of Blackhand need well prepared strategies, perfect skills of players and large amount of wow gold for updating characters’ armors and weapons. Players need to purchase gears with cheap and legit wow gold firstly. After that let’s see the details of strategy guide for the boss of Blackhand.


Location of Blackhand:

Players can find Blackhand in The Crucible. (Through the Workshop’s bridge across the slag pool, just opposite the main entrance to the raid) See the location map of him below.


Raid strategies, tips and main harmful abilities from the boss:

In this raid there are three phases in all whichever the difficulty modes are, Normal, Heroic or the Mythic one. And the harmful abilities of Marked for Death, Slag Bombs and Shattering Smash are the main three attacking skills from Blackhand.

  • Marked for Death: Blackhand marks a player as a target for death, and the time of cooldown are 6 seconds. After 5 seconds, he will release another skill called Impaling Throw at this target. The total physical damage of Marked for Death is between 195,000 and 205,000.

  • Slag Bombs: This skill causes Slagged and produce 104,464 to 109,822 fire damage to the players who are within 10 yards surround him in the raid.

  • Shattering Smash: This skill can knock down the players who are chosen by Blackhand as targets within 6 yards and stun the targets for 3 seconds. Physical damage is between 243,750 and 256,250.


Phase 1 (Blackhand’s HP 100%- 70%)

In the first phase, Blackhand releases the skill of Molten Slag which heats the ground under players’ feet and burns the players standing in the heated area. After that Blackhand uses skill of Demolition every 35 seconds which causes debris falling from the roof and harms a lot to the players in the raid.


Tips: players need to attack Blackhand and make his HP below at least 70% before running out of the heated area. Second encounter the boss from the edges of the room and then move toward to the center generally.


Phase 2 (Blackhand’s HP 70%- 30%)

In this phase, Blackhand will summon a tank to join the raid fight for him every 50 seconds, and the tank will target the nearest player as an attacking target.



  • Clear tanks while releasing damage to the boss and try to down the HP of the boss to 30% and less.

  • When the boss’s HP is about 35% and there is only one tank left to be cleared, players can ignore the tank and try to release damage to the boss together in order to enter to the third phase quickly.


Phase 3 (Blackhand’s HP 30%- 0%)

In the last phase, heavy damage of Shattered Floor will be brought to players. The raid moves to the Iron Crucible after that, and unbelievable large fire damage will be released to all players every second.



  • Dodge the Slag Bombs from Blackhand.

  • Kill the boss before the raid area is fully covered by fire.


The raid of Blackhand is not easy, and it is considered as the hardest one in the Blackrock Foundry, but it will take much achievability to players after successfully finish the raid. If players have interests to strategy guides for the other bosses of the Blackrock Foundry, please view our previous assays listed below.

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