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WoW Patch 6.2 Highlights

World of Warcraft brand new Patch 6.2 was available this Wednesday on the PTR. According to the official patch notes from Blizzard there are tons of new changes and contents added since the last Patch 6.1. Players who like to forestall to experience them can go and try now.


In this patch there are new outdoor zone of The Invasion of Tanaan Jungle, new raid of Hellfire Citadel and etc. Here we would like to place emphasis on two highlights which are the new Garrison feature of Shipyard and the Timewalking Mode to World of Warcraft in this article. Because of interrupted by landform situation, the unfinished place of level 100 in Draenor called Tanaan Jungle is an unapproachable zone to players. Now in this new patch players can land this zone by building ships. “It’s time to take the fight back to The Iron Hord in Tanaan Jungle!” See the details of the Shipyard mission below.

  • Constructing Shipyard requirement: Characters with an at least level 3 Garrision.

  • Players need to report to your Garrison first, and then receive and accept the quest called War Council. After that you can start to construct your own Shipyard.

  • In this patch, there’s another mission called Naval besides Shipyard, so after finishing building ships players need to deliver them on the mission of Naval. These information are not all, Blizzard will reveal new ones later, so please rub your eyes and wait.

 If you like to know more details about  the Shipyard mission, you also can view the article "How Do You Like Shipyard of New Garrison  Features in WoW Patch 6.2?"

World of Warcraft players should be very familiar with dungeons in game which had been considered as great and fun solo places. Now in this patch they are brought back by Blizzard with a new difficulty levels, and named with a brand new feature called “Timewalking”. See below information of how it works:

  • In general there are 7 alternated weekend events that will be introduced in this patch, and running time will be from noon Friday to noon Monday each week.

  • There are two out of seven events will become Timewalking weekends. “When you Timewalk these dungeons, you’ll find that your character’s power and gear has been scaled down to a fraction of what normally are.” Revealed by World of Warcraft official website.

As a saying “A good challenge deserves a good reward.” Why not try them in the PTR now? Players can find the Timewalking mode of the dungeons for testing in those places in World of Warcraft. The Arcatraz, Utgarde Pinnacle, Black Morass, The Nexus, Mna-Tombs, Halls of lightning, The Shattered Halls, Gundard, The Slave Pens and the last one is The Old Kindom of Ahn’kahet. Additionally, although the concept is the same, but the difficulty levels are totally different from the original ones, so wowers, have you prepared your characters’ gears already for the new challenges yet? As a professional wow gold selling service, Mmogah has run the business for over 8 years, is a reliable and secure gold seller. And we also have some promotional discount activities frequently on our products, if you have any demand of wow gold for building your characters’ gears, you can visit our website for mmogah disount code .


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