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WoW Mythic Dungeon Invitational – The Time Trials Will Begin on March 27

Shirley Huang March 15th, 2018 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) Time Trials will begin on March 27. MDI is a global program that pits the best Mythic Dungeon teams from across the world in a race to the finish line. Teams compete through tournament’s 3 stages to enter the grand finals to take home the title of "Mythic Dungeon Champions".

For last year’s first Mythic Dungeon Invitational, only the top 8 teams were invited to take part in the next stage. This year, Blizzard allows more teams to compete for the share of $200,000 prize pool. All eligible teams who complete the MDI Proving Grounds will receive an invitation to the Tournament Realms, which are specifically configured realms for the next stage of the tournament. All players can obtain the same top-end gear to equip their characters, and prove that they have qualifications that to be crowned as the global Mythic Dungeon Invitational champions.

With the Proving Grounds of MDI wrapping up, MmoGah as a porfessional wow gold, items and power leveling store would like to share more information on the next stage of the event - the MDI Time Trials!


The MDI Time Trials are a way to judge teams’ the overall skill, expertise and flexibility, since they deal with three dungeons across different difficulties. Some teams are good at pushing high keys, surviving nasty affixes, or maybe they’ve mastered a single dungeon. But in the MDI, teams must have all the skills to thrive and climb to the top.

These three dungeons will be the sole focus for teams during the period of Time Trials. All teams have unlimited tries on the Tournament Realm to improve and master these dungeons.

It won’t be enough to just complete the dungeons in time, and teams should push themselves to see how fast they can run each dungeon. Blizzard will calculate each team’s fastest time on each dungeon and add all three times together for their Time Trials scores. Only the top 8 scores for each region can move onto the Regional Bracket stage, so teams must to be fiercely competitive to stay on the top.



Dungeon 1 - +20 Maw of Souls: Bursting, Quaking, Fortified

 It is a dungeon in World of Warcraft: Legion, and it is entered at Helmouth Cliffs near Tideskorn Harbor, and then leads to the Naglfar.


Dungeon 2 - +22 Upper Karazhan: Raging, Explosive, Tyrannical

It is a dungeon located in southern Deadwind Pass in the Eastern Kingdoms, designed for level 110 characters. Its top feature is the Last Guardian - Medivh’s story, as well as his apprentice, Khadgar.


Dungeon 3 - +24 Neltharion's Lair: Sanguine, Grievous, Fortified

It is the cavern located in Highmountain where Neltharion lived before he became Deathwing. Class leaders ventured inside to recover the Hammer of Khaz'goroth stolen by Dargrul the Underking. The entrance is at Snowblind Mesa - a short walk East up the hill from the cliffs behind Thunder Totem. The dragon-sized entrance is Neltharion's Vault.


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