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WOW Legion: Paladin Level Up Guide

Legion pre-expansion is now updated, here are some tips for Paladin to level up.


Mechanism changes in leveling up

An “elastic mechanism” is added to level-up maps. Monsters, quests and rewards will correspond to players’ level. There will be no rules like “LV.100-102, go to map A; LV.102-104, go to map B” as the previous WOD version. Players can choose their preferred maps to level up.

In WOD, if monsters are attacked by other players, its names will change to grey and you will get no rewards no matter you get involved in or not. Now, that situation will not happen as long as the player has the same camp as yours. (Before, this mechanism only applies to some special monsters. Now, it is available for most situations.)

The two camps can also share the kill of monster in special quests.

You no longer need to wait some “click-type” quest objective refreshing.




According to my experience in Legion BETA, I think Protection Spec of paladin is more efficient. It has strong AOE damage output and survive ability compared with Retribution Spec. Though Holy Spec’s damage ability increase a lot, Protection Spec is the best.


Tier 1: Blessed Hammer & Consecrated Hammer, choose 1 from 2.

Tier 2: Crusader’s Judgement. It can refresh CD of Avenger’s Shield, which has the highest damage(Only next to Shield Bash) and is very helpful for AOE damage output.

Tier 3: You can choose Fist of Justice to enhance solo-control ability; or choose Blinding Light to help CC out of battle.(AOE with 1.5 mins of CD)

Tier 4: All are team-support skills which is not very helpful for leveling up. Maybe Blessing of Salvation can be used to block magic damage.

Tier 5: Knight Templar. Enhances map-walking ability and reduce enemy’s damage.

Tier 6: Consecrated Ground. Enhances Consecration and has a powerful passive.

Tier 7: Seraphim or Last Defender.


Prepare Food, Healing Tonic and Flask to improve level-up efficiency.

Level up process

After the campaign in Shattered Shore, you will receive a quest to Dalaran.

Then, Deadwind Pass(Karazhan)-Broken Isles-Relic quest.

It is suggested you should choose protection relic even if you don’t want to play Protection Paladin and you can receive the second quest of relic when you are LV.102.

Level-up begins after relic quest and subsequent class order hall quest. Recommend maps: Val’sharah, Azsuna. The other 2 maps has a complex geological condition.

Protection Paladin has a high damage output and good survive ability.

Notes: 1. Use Judgement and Taunt flexibly to attract monsters.

           2. Use Consecration first and cast Blessing Hammer when monsters gather.

           3. Avenging Wrath(Wings) now has 35%+ damage and cure.

Main quests and the last dungeon quest must be finished.


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