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WoW Legion Guide - What to Do after Level Cap 110

Alice Fu Date: September 16th, 2016 Views: 20518 legion returns legion guide wow wow gold wow power leveling

Legion Returns has broken the score of World of Warcraft and has brought so many wow veterans back. If you are confused of what to do after level cap 110, then hope this article will help.


Achieve Class Hall Armor tier: Head Armor (810 ilvl)

The Head Armor (810 ilvl) is the first Class Hall Armor tier that players can achieve after reaching level cap 110, so visit your Class Hall to get it.


World Quests: Beginning from Uniting the Isles

If you want to do World Quests, then Uniting the Isles is the beginning. It’s necessary to earn Friendly Reputation in the five different zones.

  1. Nightfallen (Suramar)
  2. Court of Farondis (Azsuna)
  3. Highmountain Tribe (Highmountain)
  4. Dreamweavers (Val’sharah)
  5. Valarjar (Stormheim)

After you have completed the lead-in world quest, you can start to do World Quests which can give you quite awesome rewards. You can get gear with a little more ilvl than yours before, for example, if your ilvl is 800, then you may get the reward with 805 ilvl. Getting Artifact Power rewards is also a key factor, at the same time, you can get such as Blood of Sargeras, other materials and resources, and some wow gold as rewards.

Doing World Quests is recommended because they can reward reputation for different factions. Within them, Nightfallen quests are strongly recommended which can not only reward normal reputation, but can also reward Class Hall Tier armors: Class Hall Tier Gloves 820 ilvl, Class Hall Tier Shoulder 840 ilvl and so on.


Grinding Dungeons to Unlock Class Hall Tier Legs Armor

You can unlock Class Hall Tier Legs Armor with 820 ilvl after you have completed the eight dungeons: Darkheart Thicket (Lv.98-110), Eye of Azshara (Lv.98-110), Halls of Valor (Lv.98-110), Nelhtarion’s Lair (Lv.98-110), Assault on Violet Hold (Lv.105-110), Black Rook Hold (Lv.110), Maw of Souls (Lv.110), Vault of the Wardens (Lv.110). You don’t have to wait to cap level before entering into the dungeons, some of which can be started in advance. After you have completed the eight dungeons, you can unlock the Class Hall Tier Legs Armor, which can improve your character.


Complete Class Quest Line

You will have around 4-5 Class Hall Champions when you reach cap level 110 and you will get to 6 Champions after completing the new level 110 Class Quests, and at that time, the quartermaster that sells Class Hall Armor tier will unlock the Bracers Armor (810 ilvl). It will be helpful.


Complete the Class Order Campaign
You can unlock the Class Hall Armor Chest tier after you have completed the Class Order questline. The Chest armor is 830 ilvl. Can also unlock the 3rd Relic slot and a new look on your Artifact weapon.


Order Hall Research

Order Hall Research also takes resources. You pay attention to various buffs for your Order Hall or your character. You will have six tiers of binary choices of upgrades and each tier becomes more and more expensive.


Artifact Knowledge

You can get a new quest in Class Order Hall when you reach Lv.110, and this quest will start your way on Artifact Research. You can learn something interesting about your Artifacts and can build your Artifact Knowledge multiplier when you have completed a work order.


Farm Artifact Power

Artifact power is long-time needed in Legion because it’s necessary to unlock all traits, so farming Artifact Power is quite important in Legion Returns.


Leveling up in Legion is full of adventures and challenges, and getting to the cap level is never the end of Legion. This article is only for your references and if you don’t have enough time grinding levels or dungeons, you can contact us for safe, fast, 100% handwork wow power leveling, which will deserve your trust. MmoGah.com has been committed to pursuing the best customer services and has good reputation in the whole gaming market, so if you are hesitating which website to choose, then please visit Mmogah.com.


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