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WoW Legion Guide: How to Boost Fast from Level 100 – 110

World of Warcraft Patch 7.0: Legion Returns is officially upcoming in late August soon. With the level cap increases to 110, players are more concerned about how to level up fast from Lvl.100 to Lvl.110. This article will summarize some tips for this subject which are only for players’ references, so if anything is out of the way, please let me know in time.


The boosting process in Legion is much slower than previous patch in world of warcraft. For PvE players, the reasonable plan is to use 5 to 7 hours every day for power leveling. It will take about 3 days to reach cap level 110. If players do not go through the test server, do not be in a hurry to succeed, otherwise players will not stand it later.


The four maps for boosting in Legion are dynamic levels according to characters’ levels, including monsters’ levels, experiences and quests’ levels. Players don’t need to worry about they can’t switch to another map without reaching particular level. Certainly, it means that there will be lots of players boosting together in a map with you regardless of how fast you boost.


Players in the same faction don’t need to rob monsters because they are commonly shared. Only if players touch the monsters, they will be divided the experience and be counted numbers for quests. Players can get dropped items too. The elite bosses for quests are both-faction shared, so players are also needn’t worry about it at all.


Players will get less Experience from quests in Legion compared with previous patch, so it will take more time to boost. At the same time, the Experience from relic items are no longer exist, instead players can get points for their artifacts through relic items. Looking for relics to rush cap level in WoD will no longer exist in Legion Returns.


The influx of players will make the server unstable when the new contents are released, so your server may be restarted. Players geared well are suggested to choose output talents to speed up boosting, which are proved faster than healing talents and defensive talents. For those players who want to use healing artifacts, can do quests which can reward with artifacts first and boost to Lvl.102 or Lvl.103 then go to the class order hall to get the second specialization artifacts.


The first quest is Broken Shore Event. There are LM and BL two versions. This event came early in pre-expansion. It is suggested for a team play with friends to increase efficiency. There will be follow-up quests which bring players to Dalaran, where players will receive the first artifact quest. The quests differ among different specializations, but the common point is a kind of legwork. There will be quests going to the Class Hall which have long lead. It will take almost an hour before starting boosting maps.


The map of VAL’SHARAH is a good choice for the first boosting map because in this map, there are the least quests and the quests routes are clear. Players will have less legworks. If everything is in good control, it will take about two hours.


Players can choose the map of HIGHMOUNTAIN as the second boosting map. There are more side quests and more area-triggered quests. The terrain is more complex and there are many high caves. Non-DH classes are better to prepare slow down props. It will take about an hour to complete this map.


It is not suggested to do the quest of Lightbearer before players reach cap level, because it has low experience reward but will take much time.


The three map AZSUNA has quite a lot of rivers, and the main tasks are more focused. The side quests under the map have high rewards too. At the same time, players can complete the dungeon quests by the way. The dungeon quests are always the final tasks of maps which will give players tons of experience and points as rewards, so are strongly recommended.


The last map is STORMHEIM, which has the most quests and will take a long time. But the quest-line is continuous, so complete them at one time. If players do not reach cap Lvl.110 after finishing all of the maps, then go back to do the side-quests. Or killing mobs or monsters to gain experience.


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