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WOW Legacy Server - Nostalrius Expected to Open

In April, the biggest EU private legacy server of World of Warcraft, Nostalrius, officially announced that its team would shut down its Nostalrius PVP, Nostalrius PVE, Nostalrius TBC and other relative servers on April 10, 2016. The reason was Blizzard filed a lawsuit towards Nostalrius.

Nostalrius server had a 60 Level cap and gathered nearly 150 thousand of players who didn’t get accustomed to the WOW’s new patches. This news instantly attracted WOW’s players’ attention worldwide. After “hackers attacking Battle.net”, “220 thousand of players petitioning for restarting Nostalrius”, Blizzard decided to arrange a meeting with Nostalrius team.

Before meeting, Mark put the thick petition brochures of players in front of the Hellscream statue. Mark Kern said, he and Blizzard CEO Morhaime are friends for many years, and they enjoyed a relax atmosphere during the meeting. Mark delivered players’ thoughts and ideas to Morhaime and he listened carefully. Blizzard said, they didn’t expect that there were so many players who wanted to play WOW legacy servers, but they can’t make a promise to restart now. Blizzard and Nostalrius also discussed something about technical details. The meeting could be a sign that Blizzard is interested in setting up some sort of official "legacy" server support or allowing external servers to somehow operate legitimately.


Disclosure of 5hrs meeting between Blizzard and Nostalrius

Blizzard and Nostalrius team had a 5hrs meeting in Blizzard’s HQ, Irvine - California, the following are details:


Mike Morhaime - CEO

J. AlleN Brack - Chief Dev Supervisor

Tom ChiltoN - Chief Design Supervisor

IoN Hazzikostas - Deputy Design Supervisor

Marco Koegler - Technology Supervisor

SaralyN Smith - Community Dev Supervisor

Kester RobisoN - Community Dev Manager

VaNessa VaNasiN - Public Relations Manager

RaNdy JordaN - Community Manager


Daemon - Administrator and Dev team manager

Viper - Administrator and project manager

Tyrael - GM team manager

Nano - IsVV (testing) team manager

Ithlien - Nostalrius assistant manager


1. Development of Nostalrius and simulated software of WOW servers.

2. Analysis of players in Nostalrius.

3. Structure of Nostalrius team and how can they set up the Nostalrius server.

4. Technical details of server structure of Nostalrius.

5. Organizations of Nostalrius’ GM team.

6. Anti-cheating system in Nostalrius.

7. Quality reports and existing bugs of Nostalrius

8. Free talks. 

The meeting was expected to finish in 2hrs but lasting 5hrs. Blizzard showed full respects and appreciation towards Nostalrius’ efforts in running Nostalrius servers. Nostalrius manager Viper said, Blizzard is very curious careful and interested in us. His team is confident that Blizzard will restart legacy servers. They made elaborate preparations to make this meeting professional, which surprised Blizzard team a lot. All participants of this meeting have played WOW from patch 3.10, they are all know about the skills, talents, quests and items in WOW’s world.

Blizzard has not given an official announcement about restarting WOW legacy server, they said they have masses of work to do. First, they can retrieve the codes of old version through version control system, but the process of compiling is so complex. Many files of statistics, models and maps of compiling were not embodied in the system and recreating those files are heavy workload. Viper said, for a large company like Blizzard, nothing can be decided by only one conference. Blizzard needs time to deliberate.

According to their meeting, there is great possibility of restarting Nostalrius servers. If so, is Blizzard willing to set up an official legacy server? Are you willing to play again?

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