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WoW Dragonflight Pre-patch Quick Leveling Guide

By Hasi2022-10-28

World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion Pre-patch was released on October 25, 2022, and there is a lot that we have to cover. Leveling is very important, and there are various options available to level up both your main as well as alts in Dragonflight. For players who were waiting for the expansion, they had a chance to level up their character quickly thanks to the winds of wisdom experience buff. You can also choose a reliable source to buy WoW Power Leveling services, straight to your desired level.


The new Dragonflight patch is coming up with a whole new class and race combination, along with a new talent combination. This buff provided players with a fifty percent increase in experience points from all sources. It ended when the pre-patch for Dragonflight was launched. Players have to work hard to upgrade their character to a minimum of level thirty-two before the patch is launched. Dragonflight will feature a variety of new content, and players are excited about it. This article features a quick leveling guide with information about zones and builds.


Dragonflight Leveling Guide


Required Level for Intro Questline of Dragonflight

You need a character with a minimum level of fifty-eight to start the Dragonflight intro questline. Compared to other questlines in WoW, the questline for Dragonflight is very short. You will be spending a lot of time during the quest line in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Afterward, you have to recruit some troops into your army. When you have enough troops, you can reach the Waking shores by taking a ship. This method is the best and takes less time.


Methods to level your first Character in Dragonflight

In order to level up your first character in Dragonflight, you have to follow a specific progression path. This requires you to visit some specific zones on the game map. In order to avoid problems, follow these zones in the same order given below.


Visit Forbidden Reach (Only Dracthyr Evokers) for leveling between Level 58-60;

Visit the Waking Shores for leveling between Levels 58-64;

Visit Ohn'ahran Plains for leveling between Level 62-66;

Visit Azure Span for leveling between Levels 64-68;

Visit Thaldraszus for leveling between Levels 66-70.


You may reach level sixty or above by completing the main storyline campaign, but you have to go for side quests to reach level seventy. It is almost impossible to reach level seventy with these side quests. Complete all the side quests that you see on the game map before moving to the next zone. Along with side quests, also work on dungeons, as they are a great way to earn a good amount of experience points.


There are level requirements for each campaign, and you have to reach a specific level to reach the next zone. For example, to access Azure Span, you need a character with a minimum of level sixty-four. In the Thaldraszus zone, you will be grinding to complete the level seventy campaign chapters. There are only two chapters in the above-mentioned zone.


Leveling Alts in Dragonflight

To help players in leveling up their alt characters quickly, Dragonflight features a new system called Dragon Isles Adventuring. In terms of functionalities, dragon isles are similar to the Battle for Azeroth alt-leveling system. In both leveling systems, you can choose the desired zone from the game map according to your needs.


Before moving to the desired leveling zone in dragon isles, go to the capital city of your faction and complete all the intro quests from the dragon isles questline. Along with these quests, you also have to complete some quests from the waking shores questline. Here are all the important quests that you need to complete in the zones to make sure that your alt character is level capped.


Practice Materials

Explorers in Peril

Primal Pests

Where is Wrathion?


After you complete these quests, you need to go to the Wingrest Embassy and meet Sendrax there. Sendrax will give you a new quest called Adventuring in the Dragon Isles, which will put an end to your leveling journey. You can go to the scouting map and start the desired quest according to the zone that you want to visit after completing the quest.


A flight path will be automatically connected to the desired zone, all thanks to the flight master. This will unlock all the world quests for your alt as well as your main characters. These quests provide players with gears and experience points. No matter which zone you choose for alt leveling, side quests will be available there.


Leveling and Dragon Riding

 To unlock dragon riding in World of Warcraft, you have to complete some quests on the waking shores. This whole process will take around thirty minutes. When you reach level sixty-one, you have to unlock all the available dragon-riding glyphs in the game. This will enable you to enjoy the added perks of unlocking dragon riding. With these perks and dragon riding, you can quickly level up your alt and main. You only have to collect those glyphs once, as these are account-wide.


Builds in Dragonflight for leveling

In World of Warcraft, builds mean talents that you set according to your gameplay style and future goals. For leveling, here are some starter builds that you can use for any content. These work best for players who are trying a specific class for the very first time. To load a build, you have to go to the talents section and choose the desired build from the available options.


There is a whole loadout of available builds that you can select. Go for the starter build in the start and change it later according to your needs. Experiment with various builds to check which build works best with your gameplay style.

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