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WoW Dragonflight Healer Tier List

By Danikhan2022-12-19

The Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft is here, and players are jumping in to reach the end-game content. If you are about to jump into Dragonflight and are wondering which healer to use, you are at the right place. Here is our take on a WoW Dragonflight healer tier list.  We also wrote articles about Dragonflight DPS tier list and Tank tier list. You can check out the links if you are in need.




Our Selection Criteria

Before we dive into what all the best healers are in WoW Dragonflight, we must explain our selection criteria a bit. Our main goal with this tier list is to provide you with a general guide on which healer would be more useful in WoW Dragonflight. In other words, if you are having trouble finding which healer to main based on their effectiveness in healing, our guide will help you decide which one to choose.


The healers at the top of our list may not necessarily be the most fun or even the healers with the most damage output. The healers in this list are categorized according to their usefulness as healers specifically for the Dragonflight expansion. It means some players may not agree with our list because they have some subjective preferences, and that's completely fine.


With Dragonflight, players will have to engage in tons of boss fights. With most of these boss fights, they will have to deal with unavoidable burst damage. In other words, they will inevitably get low on health. For that reason, the most effective healers in WoW for the Dragonflight expansion will be those that can heal in large bursts. When you get hit with a burst of unavoidable damage, a healer that can quickly heal that damage will prove very useful.


With that said, the player controlling the healer matters the most. If you are looking for a healer on your team, you want someone that pays attention to the team and their health bars. You want a healer that knows when to heal and then heals the teammates when they need healing instead of doing their own thing. Healers must stay alive and avoid randomly dying, leaving the team with no healing. All that can be done regardless of what healer a player chooses to play as.


S Tier

First up, we have the S Tier. Healers in this tier will prove most useful in WoW Dragonflight, and you can safely choose any healer from this tear. Both healers mentioned in this tier are based on the criteria mentioned above.


Restoration Druid

Upon testing for several hours, we found that the Restoration Druid is probably the most effective healer in WoW for the Dragonflight expansion. The Restoration Druid not only shins in the healing aspect, but it also performs great in inflicting damage.


The main thing that helped the Restoration Druid make it to the number one spot on our list is its ability to put out massive amounts of group healing. However, Restoration Druid can't provide bursts of instant healing. If a teammate gets some unexpected damage, they must fall back until Restoration Druid can top up their hp.


The Restoration Druid is great at inflicting both AOE damage and single-target damage. With the Dragonflight expansion, Restoration Druid got Protector of the Pack and Nature's Vigil abilities, which allow Restoration Druid to inflict decent damage. The Restoration Druid won't have problems dealing with even the toughest enemies.


Preservation Evoker

One of the best features of the Preservation Evoker is that it can do massive amounts of burst healing to its teammates. Not only that, but the Preservation Evoker also has powerful cooldowns that can save teammates from unpredictable incoming damage. Preservation Evoker has access to the Rewind and Tip the Scales abilities that are great for giving instant healing to teammates.


The Preservation Evoker also has a decent damage output. The Preservation Evoker has one of the most powerful AOE damage outputs in terms of healers and can also inflict decent single-target damage.


All of those abilities would make the Preservation Evoker the number one choice for healers in Dragonflight, considering most fights in Dragonflight require you to deal with a ton of unavoidable burst damage. However, the only reason that the Preservation Evoker is the number two sport is that it is a new class and won't be easy to get the hang of.


A Tier

Up next, we have the A Tier. Healers in this tier are also great and will prove most useful in WoW Dragonflight. However, you will be slightly better off picking one from the S Tier. But, if you prefer healers from the A Tier because you are comfortable with their abilities and enjoy more with them, then it's perfectly fine to choose them.


Holy Paladin

Another great healer to pick in Dragonflight is the Holy Paladin. The Holy Paladin is great at healing teammates, but it also has the most utility of any healers in the game. The best part about the Holy Paladin's healing abilities is that most of them are instant cast, which allows the Holy Paladin to assist teammates instantly when they deal with unpredictable damage.


There are two main reasons why the Holy Paladin is not in the S-Tier. The first reason is that the Holy Paladin does not have a ton of damage output as the Preservation Evoker or the Restoration Druid. Along with that, the Holy Paladin is also a bit difficult to use.


Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk would not have been at this spot if it weren't for the Dragonflight expansion. The Mistweaver Monk is considerably better in Dragonflight and is a solid option for anyone looking for a healer.




Mistweaver Monk is great at consistently healing and dealing tons of AOE damage. However, the Mistweaver Monk feels quite lacking in terms of burst healing, which is very important in Dragonflight. Not only that, but the single-target damage is also not that impressive of the Mistweaver Monk.


B Tier

B Tier is the middle ground for the healers. You will have no problem if you choose them as your main healer. However, as we have already mentioned, you might be better off choosing a healer from the upper tiers.


Holy Priest

When it comes to strictly healing, there is probably no better healer in the game than the Holy Priest. The Holy Priest has some powerful instant healing abilities, which help in dealing with the type of combat you will engage in Dragonflight.


The Holy Priest also has one of the best sustained-healing abilities, making the Holy Priest one of the most consistent healers. On top of all that, it is also one of the easiest healers in the game. The one major downside is that the utility of the Holy Priest is very situational.


Restoration Shaman

The Restoration Shaman probably has one of the most powerful burst healing abilities in the game, which is a massive advantage, considering how most fights in Dragonflight play out. The Restoration Shaman can practically save the entire team from impossible situations.


The Restoration Shaman also has decent damage, and it was one of the best healers in the game before Dragonflight. However, for the Dragonflight expansion, you are better off choosing some other healers. The Restoration Shaman's utility is mostly full of situational abilities. On top of that, the cooldowns of the healing abilities are also quite long.


C Tier

Finally, we have the C Tier. While it may seem like this is the worst option to pick as a healer for WoW Dragonflight, that is not the case at all. The healer in this category is slightly below the B Tier, which, as we have already mentioned, is the average or middle ground for healers. You can choose a C Tier healer and be perfectly fine in Dragonflight, but we recommend considering some healers from the upper tiers.


Discipline Priest

Just like the Mistweaver Monk, the Discipline Priest is another one of those healers that benefited greatly from the Dragonflight expansion. The Discipline Priest is much easier to use this time around, and the damage is also very decent.


When it comes to the healing aspect, the Discipline Priest can do some decent sustained healing. However, where the Discipline Priest lacks the most is burst healing, which is one of the most important factors in Dragonflight.



The order of the tier list mentioned above is based on our testing, which took several hours. However, the tier list is by no means set in stone. There is tons of wiggle room based on players' individual preferences. You can select any healer from this tier list and perform well.


Another thing you should keep in mind is that this tier list is based on the current version of the game. WoW gets regular updates and patches, which may change the position of the healers in this list. An S Tier healer may become a B Tier healer, or a B Tier healer may become an S Tier healer.

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