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WoW Dragonflight Gearing Up Guide

By Penny2022-12-14

After we hit level 70 in WoW 10.0, it’s time to seek sources to strengthen our character! Gearing, as an important part of the endgame, has attracted many players’ attention right now. So today, we are here to share a guide on how to gear up in WoW Dragonflight. There are many sources. If you are interested, keep reading.




Hit the Max Level

The first thing you need to do is hit 70, the maximum level of the new expansion, as focusing on your item level before you hit the level cap is kind of pointless. BTW, if you are not there yet, read our dragonflight leveling guide, or you can buy our dragonflight boosting service, direct and simple!



The eight Dragonflight dungeons can be done on Mythic 0 Difficulty. They drop item level 372 gear. Heroics are spammable, and they could be a fast way for you to get gear, through which you can get item level 359 gear and rank 3 Titan Training Matrix. Doing Mythic dungeons will also earn you Titan Training Matrix, which can drop from the final boss. Titan Training Matrix is an optional crafting resource that you can add when crafting to increase the ilvl of the gear you are crafting.


Primal Storms

Primal Storms are a new feature where every six hours, two Dragon Isle zones will have a primal storm that lasts for two hours, which will be marked in your world map. This feature will cause Primalist NPCs to spawn and also buff up some mobs in the zone. You can get currency through grinding mobs.


There are two currencies - Elemental Overflow that just drops from the mobs, and Storm Sigils, which can be obtained by turning in Primal Cores to an NPC in Valdrakken called Rethelshi. These cores are either going to be air, water, fire or earth, and you can only turn in one per element per week, meaning you can earn a total of four Storm Signals per week.


Mythressa and Rethelshi both sell gear. One of them sells item level 359 Raging Tempests gear, which costs Elemental Overflow. Rethelshi sells item level 385 Raging Tempests gear, which costs your initial gear and Storm Sigils, with the armor costing between 5 and 10 Storm Sigils and weapons costing between 5 and 14. So this definitely is a slower gearing path.


Weekly Quest

Next, there's a Weekly Quest called Aiding the Accord, which can be picked up in Valdrakken. It will ask you to earn Reputation with Factions. If you complete this quest, you'll get item level 382 gear.



There are massive changes in crafting. Crafted PvE gear is likely going to be useful to you. It starts at a very low item level but like what we mentioned before: Titan Training Matrix can be used to increase the ilvl.


Also, output quality of crafts also depends on the crafter's skill. For example, Heroic Dungeons drop a rank 3 Titan Training Matrix, and this will cause the gear to be crafted between item level 359 and 369. But the item level that you actually get will depend on the crafter’s material quality, specialization, profession gear, and profession skill.


There is a crafting order system in the new expansion. This system allows you to request another player to craft something for you, even if you do not have the right profession or specialization to do it yourself. You just need to go to the work order NPC and place a work order for the gear that you want. A crafter can then fulfill the order for you. Payment and delivery are all handled by the work order system, which is nice and simple.


That’s it for our Dragonflight gearing-up guide. Hope it helped with your gearing progression. Have fun in Dragon Isles!

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