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  • WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 Preparation Guide – Things You Should Do Now
    By Penny2024-01-10 16:56:54

    WoW Dragonflight patch 10.2.5 will launch on January 16th. Although this patch doesn't introduce a new raid or new seasonal content, it does add more quality-of-life improvements, new open-world activities, and changes to the system of Dragonriding. So here is a preparation guide, shared by Dalaran on his YouTube channel, which goes over some of the recommended things that you can start working on to help your characters get prepared better for this new patch. Let’s dive in.


    WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 Preparation Guide


    Prepare Future Alts

    If you are still a novice of WoW, you may wish to work on leveling some new characters ahead of patch 10.2.5, especially since Follower Dungeons are arriving with this update. With follower dungeons, you'll be able to run dungeon instances with NPC followers. These followers will be able to take on roles to help fill out a party and help provide you helpful tips as you tackle normal difficulty bosses and fights designed for group gameplay. For less experienced players, Follower Dungeons are a perfect environment for you to try different classes and even different roles without getting yelled at by the rest of your party.


    Darkmoon Faire event and Timewalking Dungeon event are great sources for experience gain. Darkmoon Faire event will grant you 10% additional experience gains, which should make leveling new alts quicker. Alternatively, you can also use a third-party website to help you level up WoW alts, like MmoGah, which is fast and easy.


    Get Your Dragons Ready

    One of the exciting features coming in patch 10.2.5 is Dragonriding, which is now going to be available throughout Azeroth wherever flying is available. However, Dragonriding outside of the Dragon Isles is going to be capped to be 85% as effective as the normal speeds for Dragonriding in the Isles. So, with Dragonriding arriving to the rest of the world, now is the perfect time to start working on your Dragonriding skills or your Dragonriding glyphs. Players who doesn’t fill out the Dragonriding abilities and only prefer to pick up the skills that they use the most shouldn’t forget some of the more passive underrated options. Remember that both passive and active skills all together help enhance the Dragonriding system and allow you to fly faster and further.


    If so far you've been playing Dragonflight without leveling an Evoker, there's an extra reason to start playing one as Evoker’s solo flying ability will become available as of 10.2.5, which might be one of the best ratios in the game, as it finally allows you to fly around like a real dragon.


    Rediscover the Class of Monk

    If there is any character we should level for the next update, Dalaran suggests we work on Mistweaver Monk, which is currently one of the meta picks for season 3. Out of the healers, Mistweaver Monk continues to get stronger and stronger with this update. Defensively, it is getting a variety of additional bonuses, such as Dance of the Wind talent, which grants you an additional dodge chance that will keep on stacking every few seconds until you eventually dodge an attack.


    Getting up in the melee with a Fistweaving play style can sometimes place Mistweaver Monk in a more dangerous situation compared to healing from a distance, but in dungeons, Fistweaving is an incredibly efficient form of healing. However, Ancient Teachings talent is going to grant you additional Stamina to help compensate. Moreover, Thunder Focus Tea will now have an interaction with Expel Harm, causing them to transfer additional damage back to nearby enemy targets while providing the Monk with a Chi Cocoon that absorbs damage taken, which will make Mistweaver Monk even more tankier. These might make Mistweaver Monk one of the tankier and more durable healers for the next update in season 3.


    Gilneas Reclamation Prep

    You might as well level a Wargan in preparation for the 10.2.5 questline of Gilneas Reclamation story. So far, the rewards and the details behind the story questline have been obscured on the PTR realms, but like some of the other story quests that reward certain factions or even certain class additional rewards, there might be some sort of a special reward from completing this questline. You need to have a Max-level character to experience the questline. However, you can level a Wargan just to see if there's any kind of rewards once 10.2.5 is officially revealed.



    We also gain access to a variety of different customization options, such as a handful of hair color options for the trolls, as well as a new darker skin for the Draenei. We also get new demonic customizations just for the Warlock class. Blizzard also mentioned that there will be an achievement for completionists who end up achieving every single customization option for some of their demons. And that's something you can start working on today. If you haven’t filled out your demonic customization collections yet, you can start working on some of the basic demonic summons, such as the Voidwalker, the Felhunter and the Infernal.


    Catch up on Story before Epilogue Quests

    This update is going to add some of the Dragonflight Epilog Quests to help wrap up the expansion. Sometimes, story questlines do contain prerequisites to be able to complete some of the new questlines, so it's recommended that you should at least finish out the Emerald Dream 10.2 questline.


    These are some of the things you can start working on ahead of the patch 10.2.5. Hope this is informative. If you find it helpful, please subscribe to Dalaran’s channel.