• Wow Blackrock Foundry Gear Level Up
    By John Ryan2015-03-19 00:00:00

    Blizzard noticed they are ready for online correction next week to improve Blackrock Foundry gear level in all difficulty.

    The primary purpose of this change in WOW is to ensure that players can get the consistent reward with its struck new leader in the Blackstone foundry. For those teams who have devoted to Highmaul several months, they aren’t interested in their blackrock foundry dropped gear because of their owning average gear level. In the new team copy farm experience, the most center part is even if there is no way for you to kill a particular leader in this week and your team gear accumulation will make the latter farm more simple, it also increases the chance of struck the leaders next week. 


    This change is to recall before. The existing items of players are effective. This change will be effective for all blackrock foundry gear. It is inevitable to make WOW players heart impulse. WOW gold will be more popular for players who want to upgrade more quickly. Gears which obtained before will also get the corresponding item level promotion. Blackrock foundry in all difficulty gear level changes is as follows:

    Team finder650-> 655

    Normal difficulty665-> 670

    Heroic difficulty680-> 685

    Epic difficulty695-> 700

     At the same time, Blizzard will level up 5 for the highest level of gear which made by business skills as well as the gear which sold by Mr Heath horse crystal merchant. To make sure the gear level is still corresponding with the blackrock foundry gear.