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WoW BfA Gold Making Guide: Crafting Professions Ranked

Shirley Huang December 11th, 2018 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

We have introduced wow gold making guide – crafting professions ranked in last article: Gathering professions ranked. Today MmoGah as a professional wow gold seller continues introducing Crafting professions ranked.



Inscription is a Crafting profession that allows players to create glyphs, scrolls, cards and enchantments, as well as various wow items, such as Darkmoon Cards and off-hand tomes. Inscription includes a gathering skill, https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/thumb/d/da/Ability_miling.png/16px-Ability_miling.png?version=8b5823908f4f3cfbf2efa6087d9edbc7 [Milling], allowing scribes to create base materials from herbs in a similar way to Enchanting's https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/thumb/6/64/Inv_enchant_disenchant.png/16px-Inv_enchant_disenchant.png?version=42153d3892d8f682e18fe0f3d338958f [Disenchant] and Jewelcrafting's https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/thumb/4/40/Inv_misc_gem_bloodgem_01.png/16px-Inv_misc_gem_bloodgem_01.png?version=63864621e83eaa21fff6cd8e9abe9b68 [Prospecting].


Training as a scribe

Inscription is taught by various inscription trainers located throughout the world. Prospective scribes must be level 5. Initial training costs 10 copper, granting the Apprentice level with a potential skill of 75.

Inscription Trainers are available in the first town outside of every starting area, where Apprentice-level recipes can be learned. Trainers for higher-level training and recipes can be found in every major city and some towns.


Enchanting, JC, Alchemy


It takes enchanting materials obtained through disenchanting gear of uncommon or better quality - and turn them into permanent enchants for their own or their allies' gear.

Battle for Azeroth Changes

The Enchanting skill is split by faction, Alliance - https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/trade_engraving.gif Kul Tiran Enchanting and Horde - https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/trade_engraving.gifZandalari Enchanting.

The maximum profession skill levels have been lowered for each profession tier:

Classic professions have a maximum of 300.

Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm and Pandaria professions have a maximum of 75.

Draenor and Legion professions have a maximum of 100.

Battle for Azeroth professions have a maximum of 150.


It is a profession that Players are able to make rings, trinkets, necklaces and statues, as well as cut gems for socketed items. It also allows a player to obtain gems from mineral ores via Prospecting. Figurines are Jewelcrafter only items, and are a type of trinket that is Bind on Pickup.


It is a profession that requires materials produced with another profession, usually https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/spell_nature_naturetouchgrow.gif Herbalism. Alchemists turn various reagents (mostly Herbs) into powerful consumables that fall under one of the three categories: Elixirs, Flasks and Potions.

Cooking, Tailoring


It is a secondary profession that allows players to combine various ingredients. This skill is often paired with https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/trade_fishing.gif Fishing, since leveling the latter often provides the materials needed for Cooking. 

There are two types of cooking awards:

Epicurean's Award can be earned by completing any old-world cooking quest.  Another type of cooking award is Ironpaw Token. They are still worth collecting, because once you have 100, you can purchase  Chef's Hat, which cuts down your cooking time from 2-4 seconds down to 0.5!


Tailoring is a diverse crafting profession which allows players to cut and weave various pieces of cloth into armor, bags, shirts, and other cloth items. Tailoring allows players to Tailors play an especially important role in guilds, since they can create bags for the entire guild, provided the guild members gather the proper ingredients. Tailoring is typically desired by cloth-wearing classes (https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_mage.gif Mage, https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_priest.gif Priest, https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_warlock.gif Warlock).

It can find cloth commonly on humanoid and occasionally on other types of mobs, and have an increased chance to find extra cloth upon learning https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/inv_fabric_soulcloth.gif Cloth Scavenging.


BS, LW, Engineering


It is a profession and is the art of forging items out of metals, minerals, and other trade goods. Blacksmiths utilize bars of metal unearthed and smelted by the mining profession along with various trade and magical goods to produce their wares.

A blacksmith can create melee weapons, Mail and Plate armor, trade items used as ingredients by other professions, as well as and keys used to unlock a variety of items in the world. Additionally, blacksmiths can craft consumable items that when applied to weapons can provide temporary buffs to items.

While they can create a variety of items, they cannot repair these items themselves when damaged, and must still use the services of a repair vendor.


It is a crafting profession which uses hides and leather gained by https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/inv_misc_pelt_wolf_01.gif Skinning to craft armor, armor kits and drums.
Leatherworking is typically desired by leather-wearing classes (https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_druid.gif Druid, https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_rogue.gif Rogue, https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_demonhunter.gif Demon Hunter) and mail-wearing classes (https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_hunter.gif Hunter, https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_shaman.gif Shaman).
Leatherworkers are capable of creating various drums which have multiple charges and can be used to provide a buff to players in their raid. 


It is a primary crafting profession that can create many useful, unique and amazing items, as well as junk. Engineers can create helpful items for generally all classes to be used in PvE or PvP.

There are also several engineer-only enhancers to gloves, belts, and cloaks.


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