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WoW Battle for Azeroth - The Siege of Lordaeron Has Begun

Shirley Huang August 08th, 2018 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

WoW Battle for Azeroth - The Siege of Lordaeron has begun.

For the Alliance, it is time to take Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner and her horde to task for the innocent lives claimed in Teldrassil, and retake the former human city: Lordaeron as their own.

For the Horde, it is time to defend the Undercity, away from the home of the Forsaken, retain their foothold within the Eastern Kingdoms from the Alliance. The call to battle resounds throughout Azeroth.

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Lordaeron is the northernmost continent of the Eastern Kingdoms. It was named after the city-state of Lordaeron by the lords of Strom. Separated from Khaz Modan by a narrow strait, the continent of Lordaeron stretches from the Arathi Highlands in the south to the Eversong Woods in the far north. After the recent events of the Third War and the War against the Lich King, however, the vast majority of the human population has turned undead, and the high elves are mostly known as blood elves. The climate of Lordaeron is moderate, although the land is rugged and largely mountainous in and around the Hinterlands, Alterac and Arathi Highlands. The southern, northern and western regions of Hillsbrad, Gilneas and Tirisfal are characterized by mild forests and farmlands whereas the north-eastern region of Zul'Aman is covered by a thick and wild forest.

In Battle for Azeroth, Lordaeron will play a major role in the start of the expansion. The Alliance are trying to oust the Horde from the ruins of Capital City and the Undercity during the Battle for Lordaeron. At least one warfront will take place in the Arathi Highlands.

The Battle for Lordaeron (known as the Siege of Lordaeron) was fought by the Alliance and Horde for the control of Undercity. The result of the burning of Teldrassil, it marks the beginning of Battle for Azeroth, similarly to Legion's Battle for the Broken Shore.



Experience the struggle for control as the Alliance storm the shores of Lordaeron Keep! For victory, for glory, for Lordaeron!




https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/8/88/IconSmall_AnduinKing.gif?version=f9aed7b3aea392ccc8644f1d6c027ccf High King Anduin Wrynn

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/4/43/IconSmall_Genn.gif?version=f3c0d0d6a91c0066edb18806be59eb06 https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/3/3b/IconSmall_Greymane.gif?version=feb091f2fbf36a758eca609d59f51145 King Genn Greymane

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/c/c0/IconSmall_Jaina3.gif?version=3c669e2fcd6042533ff90f7159e91cd1 Lady Jaina Proudmoore

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/0/00/IconSmall_Mekkatorque.gif?version=0e04b94d3bb1c1212a3c659d66876e8a High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/6/6a/IconSmall_Alleria.gif?version=e70dc4252a7333d4741521f3a50d510f https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/9/91/IconSmall_Alleria2.gif?version=23f544911787c43443e4eb3ef6354526 Alleria Windrunner


https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/c/c1/IconSmall_Sylvanas.gif?version=71a48f63b90c976086ca409e137cdc73 Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/d/d9/IconSmall_Nathanos.gif?version=717dd3ebd40d0e60e57b880a5a84e0b9 Ranger Lord Nathanos

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/e/eb/IconSmall_Varok.gif?version=babad34a6d788095f1a3e049ae7bd97f High Overlord Varok Saurfang

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/1/16/IconSmall_Baine.gif?version=2e4e3153166cd75abb10a20cec63d284 High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/5/5f/IconSmall_Troll_Male.gif?version=9e5095a364224a592c6b73f78f05cace Windseeker Durja †

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/5/5f/IconSmall_Troll_Male.gif?version=9e5095a364224a592c6b73f78f05cace Zekhan

https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/4/4a/IconSmall_Lor%27themar.gif?version=f920db30fcd76c50b2ee3a9e7ae0374a Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron


Important Note

Who: Level 110 players
Where: Begins in Stormwind for Alliance and Orgrimmar for Horde

The peace promised with the defeat of the Burning Legion has been irrevocably shattered. Azeroth is deeply wounded and in need of aid even, since the Horde and Alliance vie for the Azerite seeping up to the surface. It is a new age of an old war.


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