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Wow! Are You Ready for the Upcoming Pets and Mounts?

John Ryan Date: August 21st, 2015 Views: 11663 wow world of warcraft wow pets wow gold wow guide

Blizzard has released a quick preview of some of the upcoming pets and mounts that will be entering the game. These awesome pets and mounts are a part of the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, including the Collector’s Edition.


Here’s the preview of some future mounts and pets!

u  Murkidan- The new exclusive pet for 2015 BlizzCon Reward, and it will feature the unique Murkmorphosis ability.

u  Reins of the Illidari Felstalker- from Collector’s Edition: Illidari Felstalker.

u  Zeradar- from Collector’s Edition: Zeradar.

u  Nibbles- from Collector’s Edition: Nibbles.

u  Brightpaw- A cute cub version of the Mystic Runesaber mount, available from the in-game store.

u  Grove Warden- Another mount from the online store.


Check out our sneak peek of some of the upcoming pets and mounts that will be making their way into Azeroth.

Not to mention a new toy which will carry your pet on a Red Wooden Sled!



Definitely excited for the pets and mounts! They look awesome!


But everything is behind a paywall. It makes many Wow players sad to know that someone with authority at Blizzard makes the choice to put these mounts with amazing modals onto the store instead of integrating them into the gameplay. Some gamers complain that they’re getting shorter expansions with less content but that cost more, more and more store mounts that looks better than what you can obtain by working for it in-game. They know it’s a lucrative business model but they can’t help but lose a little bit of love for this game every time they release a store mount.


There’re still many serious mount collectors wouldn’t mind paying real dollars for the odd cool mount. They don’ t mind using money to enjoy the best part of the game. Then we can help you.

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