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WoW: A New Added Potion Makes Cross-faction Chat Possible

Shirley Huang December 19th, 2018 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

World of Warcraft – a 14 year old game, its Horde and Alliance have not been able to understand each other before (with a few exceptions). Now Blizzard has added a potion - Elixir of Tongues that enables cross-faction players chat each other, and players can understand their enemies.

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The new added Potion - Elixir of Tongues is an item that will allow you to understand the opposite faction’s languages for one hour. But if both players drink a potion partaking in the conversation, they will be able to understand each other.

A language is a lexicon of words that various characters use to speak to each other and communicate. In World of Warcraft, most races have a unique language they speak that only they can understand. Each faction shares a common language of the dominant race (Orcish for Horde and Common for Alliance).


Since World of Warcraft game has been released, Horde and Alliance have not been able to understand each other (with a few exceptions). Your game client would garble what opposing faction player said, thereby reinforcing a sense of belonging while sprinkling on a bit of exotic mystique.

But now Blizzard has added a potion - Elixir of Tongues in Dec 14’s hotfix in Patch 8.1.0. This new potion enables exactly that: the ability to understand the opposing faction in chat.

Players are now able to purchase Elixir of Tongues from Fizzi Liverzapper. Using and applying the potion will allow players to be able to understand the opposite faction.

Apparently, Dec 14 hotfix has implemented the ‘Elixir of Tongues’ which is available for 30g at Fizzi Liverzapper, located in Dalaran’s sewer system - The Underbelly. The potion can lasts for 1 hour, doesn’t allow players to speak the opposing faction’s language, but if both players drink this potion, opposing players will be able to understand what the other player is saying.


In most of World of Warcraft life, factions haven’t been able to easily communicate without add-ons cross RP from working, which can explain the reason why they’re always at each other’s throats. You won’t be able to understand a word, if you’re a human listening to an orc, it’s all gibberish.

If you drink the potion, you won’t suddenly be able to speak the other faction’s language, but you’ll be able to understand enemy players. If you want to hold a proper conversation, the other player should drink an elixir, and then universe’s mysteries will suddenly be revealed.


It turns out that the elixir has been waiting to use for a very long time. Actually it has been in the game since wow Classic, an ancient alchemy recipe that was never made playable. It originally had the description "This potion has no effect until we put languages in."

There are other ways talk to the opposition in WoW. The Pandarens, which can choose either Horde or Alliance, have their own race-specific language, as do Demon Hunters.


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