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World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 Dungeon Instances Are Coming out

By John Ryan2015-08-14


According to the World of Warcraft Official, beside patch 6.2, patch 7.0 will be poured more interesting dungeons. And lately Blz published the dungeons for wowers:


Halls of Valor: Standing at the top of the sky, the inspiration comes from the mythical the Valhalla.

Black Rook Hold: Barriers to resist the invasion of the burning legion, fort on the hill. Now there is a shadow hanging, you need to fight all the way to get to the top floor.


  • Vault of the Wardens: Back to the demon hunter's prison, here is the way which Maiev pursued illidan.

  • Eye of Azshara: Here you will encounter Naga queen and her entourages.

  • Darkheart Thicket: Located in the world tree, you need to stop nightmare corrosion and rescue malfurion.

  • Neltharion's Lair: Surrey Nye live in crypt, he is deathwing before, but now he is the warrior to kaolin, you need to risk to return to the creation of the column.

  • Helheim: A damned ghost ship.

  • Suramar City: the one has numerous tombs and palaces of dungeon, the secret of the burning legion program has come true here.

  • Violet Hold: with dalaran reached the broken isles, there are the secret you have not found yet. When close to the grave, it will arouse the new power. The dalaran dungeon will reveal the origin of the world.


Beside the dungeon, naturally team instances will not lack, the team instances are as follows:


  • Emerald Dream, twisted and Shadow: An team instance which is made up of seven boss, designing by Titan of the most primitive of the world of azeroth, but there has been a terrible mistake, you need to come across the dream to find Cenarius, to face Harveys.


  • Suramar Palace: A team instance with 10 BOSS, which is the home of the ancient royal demon, Zulema was the center of power. Here, you will face the challenges of the Gul Dan, he would have been the final BOSS of the team instance, of course you don't have to face the pesky orc, and here will be the theme of the demon.


Other bosses such as water demon, Tora, the squid demon, Merrow, Markkula, Shark warrior and the goblin robot. It’s said that these bosses are not so difficult than Guldan.



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