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World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 Class Order Hall Highlight

World of Warcraft patch 7.0 Class Hall will help you explore your class character. The opened Champion which derives from WoD follower will improve the wower’s interaction. I have collected some information on what some of the class orders are and where their halls are.

Death Knight: Ebon Blade, Archus the Ebon Hall, confirmed that it has been moved to the Broken Isles.

Demon Hunter: Illidari, Vault of the Wardens.

  1. Druid: Cenarion Circle, Grove of Cenarius, the grove near Suramar where Cenarius taught Malfurion the druidic arts.

  2. Hunter: Band of the Arrow, a new organization formed by rangers, mountaineers and scouts members, includes the likes of Halduron Brightwing and Hemet Nesingwary. Beast Bane's Lodge, a formerly abandoned high elven lodges in the Eversong woods where trophies of the hunt and firing ranges are kept.

  3. Mage: Kirin Tor, Grand Library, nestled deep in the Violet Citadel, the largest repository of arcane knowledge in Azeroth, is doubling as the meeting place for the campaign against the Legion.

  4. Monk: Order of Empty Paw, the original order that taught the Pandaren to overthrow the Mogu Empire this ancient brotherhood, now accepts members from outside Pandaria.

  5. Paladin: Knights of the Silver Hand, taking the name of the original order of Azarothian paladins, this new order consists of all those who wield the light against evil. Lost Sanctum, a hidden church beneath Light's Hope the Sanctum, is a site where the various types of paladins can learn from each other.

  6. Priest: Path of Faith, the priesthood of many of Azaroth's faiths, has agreed to put aside dogma to fight the common foe. Temple of the New Moon, long hidden in Ashenvale Tyrande, has offered this site for priests to study light and the shadow it makes.

  7. Rouge: Black Dagger Society, with the fall of the Ravenholdt after infiltration by the black dragonflight a group of spies, thieves and assassins formed a secret society sworn to the survival of the trade and has agreed that the Burning Legion is bad for business. Hall of the Dagger, hidden in Dalaran's underbelly the site, is chosen for discretion.

  8. Shaman: The Earthen Ring, Maelstrom Cave, has become connected to the elemental places.

  9. Warlock: Council of the Black Harvest, spreading their teaching to warlock sects throughout Azeroth, stands against the Legion in order to gain their power and not be enslaved by it.

  10. Warrior: Brotherhood of Blood, originally a Orcish order of the fiercest and most honorable warriors faced with the onslaught of the Legion the noble warriors of the Horde had opened the doors to the Alliance races to create an army like no other. House of Thorim, a hidden Vrykul fortress the brotherhood, has taken it as their own and is learning even more of the ways of war from ancient scrolls.


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