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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 PTR New Boss Battle Pets Guide

In the Patch 6.2 PTR, Blizzard added lots of new mounts, trinkets, set bonuses and toys in. in this article we would like to talk about new pets that were brought in this game, and some of the pets are even limited legendary ones.


1.   Celestial Dragon: Breanni in Dalaran, one of the world’s greatest collectors of exotic pets, players can only get changes to own it by fellowing collectors whose obsession rivals her own. The pet obtains the abilities of Flamethrower, Ancient Blessing, Moonfire, Roar, Arcane Storm and starfall.

2.   Lil’ Ragnaros: this tiny aspect is from the horrible Firelord. All the abilities it has related to fire which are Sulfuras Smash, Magma Trap, Flamethrower, Magma Wave, Conflagrate and Sons of the Flame.

3.   Cinder Kitten: another pet related to fire feature. Cinder Kitten is purely a pyromaniac, so players who would like to pet them need to prepare fireproof mittens first.

Additionally there are also lots of the legendary boss battle pets that players can find on the southern coast in World of Warcraft.  


According to the latest 6.2 PTR Patch Notes, another two new pets updated by Blizz. Let’s see what they are.

 4.   Crusher who looks like the No.2 Boss Oregorger of Blackrock Foundry. It is also a pet from boss battle with the level of 25. The abilities of Crusher are Acid Touch, Shell Armor, Body Slam, Crush, Spiny Carapace and Demolish.

Speaking of this pet, there’s an interesting story. Actually Crusher’s original model is from a painting from a little boy named Jack whose dream is to work for Blizzard when he grow up. See the original model of Crusher.


5.    Left Shark: it is officially introduced to World of Warcraft as a battle pet. It means that now players whose characters are Death Knight or Worgen Mage can have a tiny Left Shark following behind you. Moreover, Left Shark is a level of 25 pet, and it owns abilities of Water Jet, Tidal Wave, Swallow You Whole, Tail Slap, Dazzling Dance and Rain Dance. Although it is famous in worldwide, this little Shark is actually not epic, but only in rare category. Whatever, we’ll take it. Now you only can find it in beta patch test realms, but it is going to come to Warlords of Draenor very soon with official launch day of the Patch 6.2.

In addition, if you interest in other categories of wow pets like Spirit Beasts, we recommend that you view the article “If It Was Legit to Trade Spirit Beast Animals in World of Warcraft, What’s Your Ideas?


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