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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Legion Major Class Highlight


New legion news was revealed for the first time at Gamesom. Blizzard shared some new information about the great legion. A special Legion panel was conducted which saw a few nuggets of information revealed. That is what we haven’t heard before. Because of patch 6.2 legion is so hot. 90% wowers are engaged in it. At Dragon Con Demon hunter class has some new information about demon hunters which is so popular.  

Demon Hunters was updated the following information

  • Demon Hunters are currently planned to start at 98.

  • Demon Hunters can use one-handed Swords, in addition to Glaives.

  • Demon Hunter Metamorphosis is a short transformation with inner demon visuals, not continuous form.

  • Multistrike was gone, other secondary or tertiary stats were changed. Well, multistrike was a good expansion we had together. Don't worry though. Versatility will continue on. Versatility's sole purpose is to help you distinguish between actual useful loot and vendor trash. This entire expansion on any class, versatility on any item is just a sign.

  • Profession updates: very little or no cooldown gated profession materials for crafting.

  • Stage Upgrades work differently: destroy old item, get Obliterium material to create better item.

  • Transmog system in Legion is similar to Diablo and possibly account-wide. Diablo transmogs work where once you pick an item up, that items set piece is unlocked even after you sell it. You go to a transmog vendor and choose from previously unlocked pieces, and select the option you want. It's very easy to switch between all your items and still makes picking up transmogs fun, since there's still more to unlock.

  • No extra Void Storage tab planned: transmog system should help with bag space.

  • Classes in Legion emphasize fantasy of specs and some are even getting renamed. Now there are 11 classes in Legion.

  • Survival Hunters, who are melee in Legion, get Harpoon ability to draw mobs towards them.

  • Adventure Mode may be coming to Legion: there is no details, but something that may be discussed before.

Now Legion raises the level cap to 110 and introduces new Artifact weapons for all the specializations in World of Warcraft. Wowers will also lead members of their class with the new Order Halls feature. Although similar to the way Garrisons worked in Warlords of Draenor.


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