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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Apexis Crystal Accelerating Gear Upgrade


In your faction’s base in Tanaan Jungle of World of Warcraft there is a new apexis vendor. He sells wow tokens for each of your gear slots that you can turn into 650 item level items for your character. These cost 5000 apexis crystals per item, except for the weapon token which costs 10000 crystals. You will also be able to buy an upgrade item and wow gold for these 650 items for 20000 apexis crystals which will upgrade it to a 695 item! This means that Tanaan Jungle, through the apexis crystals will award gear over a period of time that is higher than Heroic Blackrock Foundry gear!



Hoisting Apexis Crystal Gear:

The mobs and rares of Tanaan also have gear waiting for you! You will be able to loot the Baleful tokens off of random mobs within Tanaan, and the rares (not from events) also drop 650 and 655 item level gear.

The rare boss and elite boss in Tanaan jungle will fall gear. The elite Boss will drop 650 lev gear while rare boss will drop 650 and 655 lev gear.


If you’re fully decked out in Mythic Blackrock Foundry gear, these rewards probably won’t appeal to you. However there’s still the 150k apexis crystal mount to get as well as the oil from the daily (which you will need for your shipyard). For the rest, there’ll be plenty of time to spend in Tanaan in upgrading your gear. And if not, there’s always alts to gear up!


But there is little hidden content:

You cannot see the gear’s property which you want, the property will be displayed after you right-click exchange. The gear’s property may seem random.



Alt account welfare;

Apexis Crystal is more important for the role of wowers;

Players no longer need to rely on a random group at AH / X to improve the gear upgrade.


There are disadvantages:

No one will go to fight epic instance of the previous version to upgrade gear;

Lose the opportunity to experience the best instance of those contents;

Create a group of PVE players who are unable to play;

Random group becomes meaningless.


Exchange material:

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