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World of Warcraft Newbie Healer

Leo Jiang December 30th, 2016 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

The main benefit of Newbie Healbot in World of Warcraft is that you get a new colored box for every player in your party or a raid with their health. Something like this. So yeah, a colored box for every player. Healbot allows you to set up different spells on different clicks - for example. If you left click the Healbot bar, you cast Healing Wave on that player. Middle click = Riptide. Right click - Chain Heal.


Of course, you can choose what spells to cast on what click. You can also use Shift and CTRL as modifiers, so for example. I had Earth Shield bound on Ctrl + right click. Go to a healing training dummy and set it up as you wish. My set up on all healers is that left click was always the basic, slow heal (Healing wave), middle click was the HoT (Riptide, Life bloom, Holy Shock...), right click was the special heal often used (Rejuvenation, Chain heal.). Shift + clicks were often special heals rarely used, and Ctrl + clicks were used for cool downs (Lay on hands, Pain Suppressions, Blessing of Sacrifice, Barkskin...). My advice is to set up you often used spells on just clicks, rarely used on Shift + click and really rare spells on Ctrl + click.

Oh yeah, the options. There's tons of them but don't be discouraged. There are a few general things you should set up right away, all the other stuff can wait:


Groups and stuff: you don't need grouping for 5 mans; I recommend having a separate "Tank" group and the rest normal raid groups like your RL set you up for raids. I have set the bars in a ways so that the tank is always on top. That way I know my priority and can never mistake him for a DPS.


Spells: we talked about that the healing spells. You can also set up non-healing spells (like totems, blessings etc.) and you can set up macros if you want, for example, if you shift + middle click you can use the macro for /burp at your focus target. Anything is possible.


Size of the bars: I like large bars where I can see everything. I put them on the right side of my character so my eyes can stay on the bars, but my peripheral vision can still see my character and what's going on in the fight so I can move accordingly. I found it to be the best place, at least for 5 mans. For raiding you'll have to make the bars smaller and find a decent chunk of space on your screen to put all 25 of them there (plus pets).


Dispels: I personally don't use healbot dispelling. It's in a way both super smart and super dumb, as it has the priority over heals. That means if the person is poisoned and has low HP, if dispells are set to automatic, healbot will dispell him first. That's really bad if you want to heal him and he dies. Also if he has some dumb debuff you don't need removed (some tiny magic debuff or something) it really gets annoying.


The worst thing is if you get debuff like on 5-man Helya where if you dispell it does AoE damage, and insted of healing the add-on dispells debuff and hurts your party. So for dispels I use a mouse over macro, meaning it uses "Dispell magic" or whatever it's called on a target that my mouse pointer is currently hovering over. That macro also works on Healbot bars, so just hover your mouse on the debuffed person and press the macro. This set up works for me, maybe it will for you as well, maybe not. I have a handicap because I used to be a paladin in Molten core raids and used Recursive add-on and spammed that Q like there's no tomorrow, so Q has to be the dispel button: P


Agro: healbot shows if someone other than the tank has agro so you know to pre-heal them, it's an awesome feature. You can set up visualization of agro, like flash or something else.


Color of the bars: I prefer black or transparent background and green bars for all classes. You can set up so that every class has its own class color. I know it’s nice looking but I prefer green. Why? Because I've set up that dark green is at 100% HP, yellow at 50% and bright red at 5% HP. So that way it's easier for me to see who needs healing the most. And besides I've never found myself needing (really needing) to know the class of the person I'm healing. I had to know the role (tank, healer, kiting person etc.) but that was always set up through the "Groups" tab. For 5 mans you totally never need to know the class. Besides, I've set up the bars so that the names have class colors so I know which class everyone is.


Out of range: I've set up that the people out of range of heals have dark greyish bar color. This way I know they're out of range and that something's not right.


Pets: be sure to heal the pets. They're also your group members. They have a lower priority but don't be that guy that doesn't heal pets.


Numbers: next to the person's names you can have HP numbers. I prefer to see missing health (on the original picture you can see it says "Dinamo (0)" as I'm at full HP and have 0 missing health.


Healing prediction: I like to see at what HP% my target will be when I hear them. Healobot has this awesome thing where you can set up to see what HP% will the target be at when you hear them, and it shows you this when you press the healing button. It's kind of tough to explain but it's super easy.


Imagine you have 50% HP. So now I press Healing wave to heal you, and in the moment I pressed the healing button (at the start of the cast), Healbot shows be where your HP will be when the spell cast is finished. It's never totally right as it doesn't count crits and stuff, but this way I can see that you will be at around 75%, and my brain has 2 seconds (casting time of the spell) to process that info and go forward to think about who to heal next. I don't have to stay (visually) with you until the cast is finished, but can click, see that you'll be at enough HP and move on even before I've healed you.


Buffs and debuffs: you can choose to see what buffs and debuffs Healbot shows you on the bars. This is super important for a few spells, like Riptide where you can see how long the buff lasts on the target so you know you need to re-apply it. And don't get me how important this feature is for druids that have tons of HoTs - and you can track all of them on the bars, it's great. You can also see any other buffs like that buff that you get after casting Riptide that makes your Healing wave faster (forgot the names, Waters something) - you can see its duration and stacks on your bar.


You can set up tank bars to see their defensive cool downs so you know if they're using them. You can filter everything, so if you don't want to see something you can just filter it out. Same goes for debuffs - you can filter debuffs that last less than X seconds or that just hinder your movement. You can set of color-coding, so when someone has a magic debuff their bar turns dark blue so that you see you need to dispel, of poison turns it bright green or anything you like.


Targets: you can add a special group for "Target" or "Focus", so if you have a friendly targeted (for example. when you need to heal an NPC that's not part of your raid, like Conan in WoD), you can have the target bar under the bars. Or if you want to have one person at focus, you can set his bar up as well.


Just play with it, save different profiles and you can't go wrong. I think that's kind of it. Go to the healing training dummy and knock yourself out. I bet that the first time you use it in an instance you'll get goose bumps because how good it is and how easier healing has become.


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