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World of Warcraft New Patch Legion New Weapons Updated

John Ryan Date: 2015-08-07 Views: 10764 wow weaponwow legionworld of warcraft wow wow goldmmogah


Before we have an article which is named World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 PTR Weapon Collection Guide 2 discussed patch 6.2 weapon. According to World of Warcraft official announced, Legion is the arrival of Artifacts weapons of unimaginable power. The new element added into the game. Believe that it will be hot a lot.


The major expansion for World of Warcraft is the form of Legion, the biggest add on, which includes a demon hunter class inspired by iconic character, as well as a new level cap of 110, and much more.


The thing with Artifiact Weapons is that their strength and power will grow alongside to wowers character, with your choices in upgrading it changing the looks, sounds, and feel in combat. Based on the reveal, there are five Artifact Weapons with multiple upgrade paths. Although we don't know the exact details at the moment, we can enjoy what they'll look like.


Ashbringer Paladin Two Handed Sword

handed sword


It is said that this sword, forged by Magni Bronzebeard, bestows the glory of the Light upon its wielder, empowering them to render enemies into ash.


Maw of the Damned Death Knight Two Handed Axe

wow handed axe



For eons, the demon known as Gorelix the Fleshripper used this massive axe to steal the life force of his enemies and replenish his own. The Maw will bleed dry anything it touches -- eating is all it knows.


Ebonchill, Greatstaff of Alodi  Mage Staff

mage staff


The staff of the first Guardian of Tirisfal exudes unnatural iciness, allowing its wielder to keep a cold, sharp, and collected mind even in face of overwhelming odds.


Sheilun, Staff of the Mists Monk Staff

monk staff



This legendary staff was used by the last emperor of Pandaria to shroud his homeland in mist, and it resonates with his everlasting legacy of wisdom and pereverance.


Thas'Dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners Hunter Bow

hunter bow


Some players said I'd like to be bitter about how they've effectively removed the Horde from the lore and made this another LotR style humans and pals versus the big baddies snoozefest, but really it just gives me an excuse to save the price of the expansion.


So with so many new additions, maybe you are excited to have a try. Especially for a man who likes weapon very much. The sword, handed axe and the hunter bow are much attractive. If you have no enough WoW Gold to buy them at once, Mmogah can offer you the competitive price wow gold. Buying inexpensive WoW gold, and get it quickly.


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