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World of Warcraft Legion New Class Demon Hunter Details Revealed

Last week Blizzard officially announced their next World of Warcraft expansion in the form of Legion, live from gamescom. The expansion will see the Burning Legion return to the world of Azeroth for revenge, and it will also see the return of Illidan. Together with Illidan, Blizzard will also be making the Demon Hunter class a playable one of World of Warcraft: Legion. Here’s the initial pre-beta information we know about this new class.

Forgoing heavy armor, Demon Hunters capitalize on speed, closing the distance quickly to sever enemies with one-handed weapons. However, Illidari must also use their agility defensively to ensure that battles end favorably.

The Damon Hunter class is only available for Night Elves and Blood Elves. As to why limit it to races? Blizzard claims that it fits the fantasy and lore better, which we suppose makes sense. The class will be a hero class, meaning like the Death Knight, it will start at higher level to jump right into Legion content. Blizzard is toying with the idea at its starting level debated at 95-100. Unlike other classes that have more than 2 talent specs, it doesn’t make sense for the Demon Hunter to be able to heal, which once again is designed to fit the lore. 


Specs: Havoc (DPS) and Vengeance (Tanking). No healing spec--doesn't fit into the fantasy

Standard Bars: Health, Energy (described as Demonic Fury in presentation instead)

Available Armor: Cloth, Leather

Weapon: Glaive weapon pair for both slots. Some of the weapons shown in the slides are actual Artifact models


UNRIVALED MOBILITY: Demon Hunters can double jump, vault in and out of combat, and even unfold their monstrous wings to perform gliding descents and surprise enemies from above.


METAMORPHOSIS: Demon Hunters transform into hellish forms, enhancing their chosen role: damage-focused Illidari can teleport into combat, while those who prize defense can grant powerful supportive Auras.


MELEE DAMAGE: The chaotic energy that flows within Demon Hunter empowers their physical and magical strikes to devastating effect.


SPECTRAL SIGHT: The Damon Hunters’ apparent blindness belies their true powers of perception. They rely on magically augmented sight to detect enemies, even those that hide behind obstacles.


Abilities either cost or generate Demonic Fury.


Character creation allows players to customize horns, tattoos, skin variations including demonic scales, and different types of eyewear. Class-specific Demon Hunter armor exposes muscles and tattoos. Metamorphosis form adds hellish wings and changes your appearance, including hooves for feet.


Suggested Professions

As Demon Hunters may only wear up to Leather armor, Leatherworking and Skinning may be a good choice. It is unknown at this time if Blacksmithing will receive plans for new Demon Hunter weapons, so this may be a sub-optimal choice.



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