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World of Warcraft Hidden Artifact Appearances

Leo Jiang February 24th, 2017 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

Various hidden artifact appearances have begun to surface as you know. And on all the different Artifact appearances for Vengeance when I touched shortly, it’s worth officially diving into the specifics for how to unlock the hidden appearances for both of Demon Hunters’ specs. Thankfully, it’s not too complicated. Artifact weapons are a huge part of the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion. Every specialization of every class gets one. Each weapon also has different variations or appearances you can unlock. These range from simple recolors, to complete changes in design.


Unlocking Vengeance’s hidden Artifact appearance

The hardest part here is really RNG. The drop is not guaranteed once per day and the loot will be only given to you by bosses. However, the non-appearance loot is still valuable. Will give you a chance at looting the Bulwark of the Iron Warden if doing so, which unlocks the hidden appearance for Vengeance.


User TegoZanduba compiled a list of all the potential drops — most of them will help you while out in the Broken Isles, but there is also a pet that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.


Unlike Havoc’s hidden appearance, Vengeance’s doesn’t require any particular Artifact Knowledge level to unlock. Instead, as your Tier 2 Order Hall upgrade and make sure to kill the bosses in there at least once per day, so you need to have chosen Twisting Nether.


Types of Appearances

Will have 4 normal appearances and 1 hidden appearance for each weapon at launch. Will have 4 different tints for each of these appearances, which are just different colored versions.


Classic – initial appearance

Upgraded - An upgraded appearance involving completing your Class Order Hall campaign

Valorous - Different variation involving completing PvE activities

War-Torn - Different variation involving completing PvP activities



1st Color - Artifact weapon obtaining

2nd Color - Return 1 Pillar of Creation

By completing the quest line of any of the 5 zones you can obtain a Pillar.

3rd Color - Return Light's Heart to your Order Hall

By completing the following quest line you get this:

A Falling Star, Bringer of Light, and Light's Charge.

4th Color - Complete the first major Class Order Hall campaign effort.



1st Color - Your entire Class Order Hall Campaign need to be completed.

2nd Color - Unlock every artifact trait.

The bonus traits you unlock afterwards are not required to unlock the color. There are 34 traits you need to unlock.

3rd Color - Research the full history of your artifact in your Class Order Hall.

This requires you to complete quests to unlock Artifact Knowledge.

This first is called Hidden History, the second one is a quest that requires you to place a Research work order.

4th Color - Obtain 8 of the 13 rare archaeology finds in Legion.

To start this you must be 110 and it is a part of a story line that updates throughout the course of the expansion.


Valorous - PvE

1st Color - Complete the quest line, Balance of Power

This starts at level 110 from your Class Order Hall.

2nd Color - Defeat 8 of the 10 world bosses in Legion

3rd Color - Complete a challenge mode dungeon using a level 15 keystone

4th Color - Complete the achievement, Glory of the Legion Hero

This involves completing 26 achievements in Legion dungeons on Mythic difficulty.

It is account-wide, so you only need to complete it once for all characters and weapons.


War-Torn - PvP

1st Color - Reach Prestige level, Rank 50 and complete the quest, The Victor's Spoils

This is a new system in legion that involves earning Honor.

2nd Color - Reach Prestige Level 5 and earn a Crest of Heroism

This can only be obtained in PvP season 2 of Legion.

3rd Color - Reach Prestige Level 9 and earn a Crest of Carnage

This can only be obtained in PvP season 3 of Legion.

4th Color - Reach Prestige Level 13 and earn a Crest of Devastation

This can only be obtained in PvP season 4 of Legion.


Unlocking Havoc’s hidden Artifact appearance

If you want to unlock the hidden appearance for Havoc, the single biggest hurdle is going to be that acquiring, it requires Artifact Knowledge level 5. Once you’ve reached that level of Artifact Knowledge, all you technically have to do it kill Downfall, who is hanging out in the skies above Felsoul Hold in Suramar.


Now, the intended way to do this is to kill enemies in Suramar and wait for them to drop Candrael’s Charm. You then will take this charm to Candrael Twinshadow who casually throws you into the air toward Downfall. Winds surround this particular felbat which allow you to eschew “fight or flight” in favor of doing both at the same time! Kill Downfall, loot Guise of the Deathwalker, and enjoy your new appearance!


If you’re having trouble the Emerald Winds toy will help, but as long as you can find your way to Downfall, the only requirement to unlock the hidden appearance is killing him technically. You still need to have Artifact Knowledge level 5, but you can skip the tedious mob grind by flying from Dalaran — or a high peak on the Broken Isles –and making sure you’re aimed at Downfall’s location.


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