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World of Warcraft Gearing

Gearing is much easier and faster if you have a guild and/or friends that are willing to help you out in World of Warcraft. This will save you a lot of trouble and time: forming groups is much faster (especially if you are playing DPS), people will not leave at the middle of the run, you will know how competent they are beforehand, you will get all relevant loot without having to ask for it every time. If your current guild is inactive or won't help you out, definitely consider joining a new one.


Ask for Loot

Remember that people are in no obligation of giving you what they get and don't be rude if they want to keep it. Please keep in mind that you can set it to announce only to yourself, if you don't want to say it in group chat. The addon Personal Loot Helper can be a lot of help, as it will announce when an item is both an ilv upgrade for you, and not for the person who got it.


Don't be shy to ask, worst you can get is a "no" or being ignored. Just make sure to always be polite when asking for something. While there are some conflicting opinions on personal loot, you will find that higher ilv players won't mind handing you their loot that is an upgrade for you.


Know what to do

If your ilv is too low then you will obviously have lower DPS than better geared players, and you will also receive more damage and have less hp as higher gear gives you more armor and stamina. However you can try to make up for it by knowing what to do. An interrupt made by an 820 player is as good as one made by an 890 and can help reduce damage taken by the group, and make a smoother and faster run. Read dungeon/raid guides, don't stand in fire or receive avoidable damage, and know when to use your CCs and interrupts.


Tanking & Healing

If your class is pure DPS or if you do not want to play tank or healer, then you can try to find a friend/guild that plays either role and ask them to party up for queuing or applying to groups. Both will go much faster as a DPS + healer/tank combo than as a lone DPS.Tanks and healers have much shorter queues and get invited faster.


If you can perform a tanking or healing role, definitely consider doing it while gearing, especially if you don't have a guild to carry you. At AK 15 you will be able to get some points in an offspec easily without hurting progression on your main weapon, and that will be enough for most content.


Save High Ilv

When you sign up for a group, the ilv displayed will consider the highest ilv item you have for every slot, even if you don't have it equipped. If you get anything that is a boost to your ilv but you don't want to equip for any reason (bad stats, bad effect on trinkets, etc.), save it in your bag or bank.


In Legion, everything you get has a decent chance of "titan forging", meaning that it will be a higher ilv than originally intended, up to a very high cap (currently 895). Because of this, even running content that you out gear can result in getting an upgrade if you are lucky enough.


2. Pre Gearing

Artifact Knowledge

If you have another character with high AK, you can buy Compendiums on that character and send them to the new one for instant and cheaper AK, up to AK 20. If it's your first 110 character you will be able to buy up to AK 15 at 500 Order Hall Resources each. After this you will need to place timed orders.


Before you start gearing, you should try to get as high AK as you can, as you will be earning a lot of AP in addition to gear, and the more AK you have, the more AP you will get. While this is not directly related to gearing, it will still be an important part of your performance. Once you hit lv 110 you will be able to start researching Artifact Knowledge.


Third Relic Slot

This is somewhat time-consuming as you need to complete some champion table missions as well as 20 WQs on a fresh character, however you should try to get it as soon as possible as it will boost both your ilv and your performance greatly.You need to complete your Class Hall campaign to unlock the third relic slot for your artifact weapon.


Loot Specialization

Decide what spec you want to use the most for endgame content, and check what legendries can drop for it. Once you have made your choice, make sure to set that as your loot spec. Even if you plan to play a different spec while you get better gear, you should definitely have your loot spec as the one you want to main, as that will determine what legendary you will drop, and once you get one it will be increasingly harder to get new ones. If you want to get relics/trinkets for your offspec, you can switch it for a specific boss that drops something you want and then switch it back to your main loot spec, but be aware of the risk that you might get a legendary for that offpsec.


3. Crafted Gear

This is a fast and expensive alternative and your ilv will still be far from impressive, so you will end up replacing all your crafted gear sooner or later if you aim for a high ilv - only some crafted trinkets are still useful at a high level. If gold is not a problem for you definitely consider it. Since patch 7.1.5, crafted gear can be upgraded up to ilv 865, which is equivalent to Heroic EN and M+10 drop.You can buy crafted gear (or craft it yourself if you have the profession) to skip a lot of the gearing process.


4. World Quests

Don't worry if your ilv is still low, most of the time there will be more players also completing the WQ so you can just wait until a tank shows up until you tag a rare, or follow a dps as they AoE through an area tagging everything before they kill it. You should always do world quests if the item is appealing to you, even if the ilv is low. They have a nice chance of titan forging and might end up being an upgrade even if the original was not. Completing four emissary WQs also rewards an Emissary Cache, which can give you decent gear drop while also being one of the main sources for legendries.


5. Heroic Dungeons

At 810 you will be able to access Heroic LFG, which drops base ilv 825. You can run these for gear, daily AP bonuses, completing world quests, gold sachets if you tank/heal, and also for learning. Heroics are not too different from Mythic mechanic-wise (the latter have a few added mechanics and that's it), so if you learn to avoid or to interrupt a certain skill, that knowledge will likely be useful in the future for Mythic and Mythic+. If your queues are too long you can either join as tank/healer, ask a friend to come with you as tank/healer, or do something else while you wait for the queue, for example WQs or something outside the game.


6. PvP

You can join BGs and Arenas at any ilv, as you will get mostly normalized stats (small % increase depending on your ilv). However keep in mind that PvP gear is often versatility-heavy, which might not be a good start for all specs. These can be a great way to get high ilv gear, giving 835+ base combatant gear at lower honor ranks/ilvls and 855+ gladiator gear at higher levels.


7. LFR

You can loot each LFR boss once a week, and should definitely do so if the ilv given is an upgrade for any slot. LFR is very easy compared to normal difficulty, and can be completed even by an uncoordinated group as many players will have very high ilv. There will also be many people looting so always check if someone offers what they get or if you can ask for something that is an upgrade for you. Queues are usually pretty long though, so ideally have something planned to do while you wait to be called.


8. Mythic Dungeons

The solution here is either going with a group of friends/guild members, or forming your own group. You can choose to mention your low ilv or not. Also check if any dungeon has a WQ up, as geared people will often be interested in running mythic for the WQ and your groups will fill up faster.


Mythic drops base ilv 840 loot and is only accessible through the group finder tool, and while there is no required ilv you will be judged by people to get in. A group of 840s can clear a mythic dungeon without issue, however your main challenge here will be getting into a group, not because your ilv is too low but because other peoples are too high. When there are 10 880s applying, no one will pick an 840. This is even truer if you play DPS.


While this sounds a bit like a dirty move, whenever you can choose who to invite you should choose your own gear type (cloth/leather/mail/plate). A full group of your own gear type means a big chance someone gets something useful for you. Of course there are some limitations as getting a tank/healer can sometimes take a while so you'll often just pick the first one that shows up, and there are no cloth or mail tanks.


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