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Will WoW Convert to A Free to play MMORPG?

John Ryan January 21st, 2015 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   


Some gossips had indicated that the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, would transform to a full free-to-play game. Actually according to the latest wow news, Blizzard Entertainment officially clarified and confirmed that a free-to-play mode Veteran Edition which is similar to Trial Edition for wow starters, is a real issue indeed, but it is not as rife rumours suggesting that wow will fully convert to a free MMORPG.



In WoW official forum, community chief officer Mr. Bashiok from Blizzard posted to clarify that “We’ve always had this kind of weird limitation where if you’ve never played wow, we let you play as much as you want, albeit in a very restricted Starter Edition account. However, if you have ever had a subscription, we don’t even let you log in.”


While based on current relative information, the free-to-play mode Veteran Edition also has some restrictions like:

  • Wow players can maximally level up to 20 for free

  • Limited wow gold & experience gaining restrictions, for example players can hold up to 10 wow gold only

  • There are also a few communication restrictions between your avatar and your friend’s, for example, no functions of whispering and inviting friends etc.

All wow accounts including lapsed ones will be converted to “Veteran Edition” mode directly when new patch 6.1 is launched .Isn’t it a good news for the people with unused accounts, and which is also considered as another perfect strategy from Blizzard to getting old players who quitted to come back to this game again.


In a word, Blizzard is releasing the free-to-play edition “Veteran Edition” as free-to-play game is becoming the main trend all over the world, but it’s not possible that wow fully turns to a free game under current circumstance. It might happen in the near future? We’ll see.



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