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  • Why We Recommend WOW Gold Face to Face Trade Rather Than Mailbox
    By John Ryan2015-01-07 00:00:00


    First of all, I would like to introduce how to buy WOW Gold at Mmogah. Usually there are three methods to buy it.


    • Send via Mailbox.

    This method is not recommended. I would explain the 3 reasons in the following:

    1.       WOW Gold suppliers often refuse to choose this way as it may result in their accounts' ban. 

    Blizzard will take an hour to check out his E-mail and account before you receiving the gold. If GM suspects/concludes that the same account has frequently mailed wow gold (often mail gold to others isn't normal in game), his account will probably get a permanent ban. This is why gold suppliers prefer face to face trade.



    2.       It may cause unnecessary disputes between you and MmoGah


    When you place a wow gold order, we will contact a supplier who can guarantee a smooth transaction with you. After your transaction via mail method has finished, he will send us the video as proof and we will pay for him. Then it comes to the one hour checking time. If your gold get intercepted by Blizzard within the one hour before you receive it, or you have received it but deny, all of these two cases have no proofs, what would MmoGah do? We will compensate you after checking out the facts, so it dues to our larger costs even though it’s not our fault.

    3.       The mail method takes a longer time for you to wait

    For 80% of our orders, we can guarantee deliver within 10 mins, fast and safe. But if you choose the mailbox, 1 hour default checking time is waiting for you, so why not choose the former methods?



    So we strongly don’t recommend Mail Method considering the reasons above.


           All in all, we suggest and support you to buy WOW Gold in the first two ways at Mmogah. We will provide you with the most careful and sincere service. If you have any questions about WoW Gold, please contact us via Live Chat, Skype, Email, SMS, or social media without hesitation.

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