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What Should Warriors Do in the First Week of Legion Returns

By John Ryan2016-07-08


There are a lot of things you need to do in the first week of World of Warcraft 7.0 expansion, so you should prepare enough healing tonic and time card. You should also build a 5-man team in advance to guarantee the equip acquisition in 5-man dungeons.

LV. 100-110

After scene campaign, system will lead you to class order hall and relic quests will begin. Starting talents should be chosen by your preference and the needs of your team. There will not be many differences in the efficiency of leveling up between different talents of a class. You can begin to do normal quests after relic quests were finished. Before that, you should go to Dalaran to buy a ring, whose attribute is critical mastery and its price is 25W. There will be 4 maps for players to level up, the levels of the monsters in them is dynamic according to players’ level. It is suggested that a 2/3-man team has the highest efficiency.

Things you should do after LV.100

Your 5-man team should begin to clear 5H dungeons after reaching the level cap. Don’t worry about your equip levels and dungeons’ difficulty. If there are 1-2 Arms warrior in your team, the 5H dungeons will be cleared efficiently. Arms warrior has a great burst damage and a low CD. 5-man normal dungeons are not recommended to clear.

What are world quests?

After reaching the level cap, the world events of all maps will be triggered, which are similar to the “Wanted” quests in D3. You will be given an extra rewarding chest after finishing 4 quests of the same reputation camps. The refreshing CD of the chest is 3 days.

World quest has its sole CD and resting time. Move your mouse to see the resting time of the quest. The CD of elite quest is longer than normal one.

The difficulty of world quest are classified into: normal, elite and world BOSS. Responding rewards: PVP/PVE equips, Blood of Sargeras, relic points, follower equips and 70-250 reputation. Equips dropped from world requests can be upgraded according to players’ previous equips. You should do your best to upgrade your equips before the refresh of world quests.

Why need to do class campaign quests?

The quests not only can lead you to get a follower, but are also the pre-quest of unlocking the 3rd slot of relics.

What is the level of organization?

It will improve the battle ability of follower, which needs organization resource to upgrade. The higher level you study, the more resource you consume.

What is the level of relic knowledge?

It decides your speed of acquiring relic points. After finishing a pre-quest, you can begin to upgrade it at the cost of 1500 organization resource.

Suramar quest line.

You don’t need to enter the Star Garden to unlock the 3rd slot of warrior.

Suramar quest line will lead you to unlock 2 dungeons: Star Garden and Magic Hall.

Suramar map has a total of 11 chapters. The total number of quests is more than that in any other 2 maps.

How to improve the reputation of Night Elf’s camp in Suramar?

The main quests in Suramar.

Daily blue quest in Suramar base.

World quests in Suramar: 25-250 reputation points.

Rewarding chest in Night Elf camp: 200 reputation points.

How to get Ancient Magic?

Main quests and side quests in Suramar: 75-150 points. Special quest will improve the cap of Ancient Magic.

Treasure chest in Suramar: 10-100 points.

Dropped from the rare and normal monsters in Suramar.


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