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What New Element Will be Added in WoW Next Patch?

John Ryan Date: April 13th, 2015 Views: 7023 wow warlords of draenor wow gold wow patch 6.2

What is the Players’ concerned new element in WoW next Patch? Generally speaking, there are three concerned elements.

l The most concerned new element is fortress alt account acceleration.

As a new element introduced by the Warlords of Draenor, the process of construction of the fortress takes a lot of time and effort. For the normal account which just started to build fortress is full of novelty. But it is very difficult if you required to construct the fortress for the alt account again. With the improvement of the vast majority of player’s full level, and the next version gear development, many players will choose to play some more alt account to experience different careers and plots. So the fortress construction difficulty is relatively reduced. In my opinion, as a large MMORPG, more and better world environment elements and content should be the core design of MMORPG. Perhaps, it is time to let the normal account and alt account be able to share the fortress together.

l Common theme. More instances are needed.

The number of instances of the Warlords of Draenor are few despite with the high quality. Because of the insufficient quantity, many players play a few of times and then they will lose interest on it. In 6.2, the alliance want to attack Tana Ann jungle in the basis point of the fortress to break through tribe in one fell swoop.


l M difficulty instances

There are M Level normal plots in wow, but no M level instance. Blizzard has told that the reason why there is no five people instance is that the instance is not so popular. Since then, Ion Hazzikostas showed they might also release other levels of M difficulty instances in accordance with random groups of other incentives. Of course, the difficulty will be higher than the current hero mode, so World of Warcraft old players can get back to the feeling of heroic those days.

At last, BLZ collected the players’ most concern in the near future in patch 6.2. New features and contents added naturally need more world of warcraft gold, which is worth a shot.

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