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What Do You Get on Black Market Auction House in Patch 6.2 of World of Warcraft?

After World of Warcraft patch 6.2 lived, some wowers were asked what they want to see on the Black Market Auction House. The answer was that more pets, mounts, transmog, recipes, etc. What sort of things would you like to see more of on the BMAH?


The Black Market Auction House is a bit time-consuming to reach in Warlords of Draenor, but if you get the rare Naval Mission Black Market Journal, you can access the Black Market Auction House from your Garrison!


As the official states, they have a comprehensive guide to the Black Market Auction House. One additional 6.2 change is that the Core Hound Chain, previously a reward for clearing Molten Core during WoW's 10th anniversary, is now sold there!

Some players said that: This is such a disappointment, The BMAH is supposed to be an illegal Auction where you can bid on very rare and epic items that you can't normally get from a regular auction. But what do they see? All they see is blood soaked invitations, companions that are very less than 1,000g, and t3 items.

A player said that:” I was there when that happened. It was at 125K wow gold bid. But ask yourself this. Exactly how long will it be until a very rare mount will appear at the BMAH? Same with the unclaimed scam box of the BMAH. It's pretty obvious it’s filled with T3 items and lame companions and most likely heroic gear that doesn’t suit to your class. And it’s obvious that Blizzard sets the mount drop to those boxes at a 1% chance.”


Moreover there is a deep reason:  

Wouldn’t it get pretty boring and repetitive if all they put on the BMAH which were very rare and unobtainable mounts? If every day they threw up something like ashes, invincible, or mimiron's head they would go through them so quickly that in about a year you would be able to pick one up for like 5-10k because everyone would have them. Sure it’s pretty annoying to see the only new things are pets that aren’t worth the starting bid, and the unclaimed box is a total gamble, but occasionally there is heroic loot, sometimes they throw up a very rare mount, and sometimes they throw up some t3 that you might like and want to transmog to. The BMAH wasn’t made to show us in epics and rare mounts, it was made to be a wow gold sink for people with hundreds of thousands of wow gold to blow some of it on vanity items or in some cases gear upgrades rather than just hoarding it.


As for the unclaimed loot box I think it’s completely stupid since there is that chance that you just get a freaking tabby cat and you dropped like 15k on it. What’s the point of having a box with something that people already didn’t want enough to bid on in it but I guess that’s just blizzard for you.

What’s your opinion on it? Buy or not to buy?


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