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What Class Is Easiest to Learn to Tank in WOW As a New Player?

John Ryan Date: April 30th, 2015 Views: 10257 wow tank mmogah reviews wow gold mmogah wow


Question: What class is the easiest to learn how to tank? For someone with absolutely 0 experience tanking is asking on realm in game. 

A player said:” I played Druid, Pally and Monk before having to start a new account after moving countries and I found my Pally easiest, (but always went for my Druid since that was my main and are technically the least spikey of all tanks, but they do require a little more patience and understanding as they lack a lot of the same tools as Pally or Warrior tanks). Druids are getting a buff in the next patch so should be a fairly good option too. Either are good since if you change your mind you have legitimate drops and heal specs to fall back on too.”


Another one said:” I just got through my weekly penance of running LFR HM for stones on an alt (this time a Warrior tank), and had a moment I'd like to share, in case it helps anyone else I've been playing WOW for years now. No matter WOW gold and experience, I have a voice on it. At one point I raided competitively, though I'm more casual now. But I get frustrated by incompetence, especially the willful kind. And we've all seen and experienced plenty of LFR trolls to know they're out there.”


Try a Pally tank as a relatively straight forward and easily managed tank class. Their self-healing are great and their active mitigation are fairly easy to manage. Basically it can be run as a simple rotation mechanic without too much issue and on trash packs their snap agro is great with glopped consecration and empowered Avengers Shield and the use of big cooldowns are easier with improved forbearance.


Monk is as a change, but with all the buffs and such to manage and keep an eye on. We wouldn't say it is the "easiest" by any stretch and so would not be my first choice to tank on.


Warriors are and always have been good tanks, just from what we have read they fall slightly behind other tanks and require a lot of understanding and use of cooldowns to manage properly.



All in all, all tanks can tank end game. All the tanks have their advantages and disadvantages. No matter which one you have, you can tank to the end. No one is easiest or hardest to come over. BLZ has actually done a pretty decent job of making that possible in this space. Sure there may be certain fights that some tanks may have a small edge in, but generally speaking unless you are trying for realm firsts then that isn't an issue.


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