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Unbelievable, Do You Know the Best Way to Buy the Cheap Wow Gold with Compensation

Like most of blade and soul players’ thoughts, everyone wants to buy cheap wow gold. That is the basic requirement, but sometimes players think how they can buy cheap wow gold and have security guarantee when their wow gold removed. I think most players met this situation before, and they lost their wow gold in vain. How to reduce this losses? The following will answer your question.


1. Choose a reliable and trustworthy wow gold website

Choosing a good reputation website can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles. Let me introduce a good and wow gold site, Mmogah. It has over 10 years’ experience in gaming market and can provide supreme customer service at any time and the best quality virtual currency. Its products have been sold to North America, Europe, Asia and so on. Its advantage is that it can supply a great variety of gold which is much cheaper, faster and safer than others. The buyers can get the discount if order WoW gold at Mmogah. MmoGah.com has tons of reviews from real players, of course, it is worth your trust.


2. More wow gold you buy, more and more money you can save.

We have more discount for wow gold, more wow gold you buy, we will give you more discount, and if you are the members of Mmogah, you will get large discount with coupon code.

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There are lots of reviews of MmoGah website and when your order is completed, you can share your reviews of Mmogah with other players, which will help them to know more about our website. You can leave your reviews on OwnedCore, TrustPilot, Buycheapwowgold and so on. You can also get a coupon code for next time by doing this which represents our thanks.


4. Guarantee for removed wow gold compensation

We have compensation for the removed wow gold by Blizzard. The compensation is only available for Auction House delivery. If your wow gold is removed within 24 hours after delivery, then we will reimburse up to 50% of the loss (Maximum of 50 USD). If prices change after your order, then we will use your original purchase price for the compensation.


You must send us Full-Screen-Shot of the removed gold as proof in order to be eligible for compensation, also it should be the original image and not edited by any software. Take the screenshot as a Full Screen.

The screenshot should have three sections: We advise you to use window mode to fit all the parts. a. A in-game mailbox message from Blizzard with your Character Name. b. A Blizzard Battle.net account email for removed gold with the Time you received the email. c. MmoGah Chat Window on the left-bottom part of the screen to verify you are a customer.


Note: Please understand any requirement of our compensation. Please follow the instructions above for smooth compensation. No fake screenshot proof is permitted and you mustn’t edit it by any software. Thank you for your support all of there!


Attention: You will receive an Email from MmoGah once your WoW Gold Order is delivered, which reminds you to use your gold as quickly as possible to avoid removal by Blizzard. Please Check the Email in Time! We have been improving our service and try to reach 100% safe wow gold and 100% wow power leveling. We believe more trust you give us, more surprise and benefits will be given back to you.


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