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Ultimate Guide to Arms Warrior Rotation in Legion

This guide applies to WOW 7.0 expansion. The DPS rotation of Arms Warrior has taken into shape. Warrior’s damage to single target mainly comes from: 1.jpgMortal Combo, under the effect of 5.jpgColossal Smash,6.jpgShattered Defenses,15.jpgFocused Rage.

Critical mastery remains a priority for gears choice. The priority of critical attributes improved a lot compared with WOD. At least, half of your gears’ attributes should be chosen like this: Main attributes-Critical, Side attributes-Mastery. Low critical leads to DPS decrease. 30% critical chance and 100% or 75% mastery should be your goal at the early stage of LEG.

Preparation guide before LEG: What should warriors do in the first week of Legion


Core skills and Passive of Arms Warrior

10.jpgTactician: Weapon Mastery. Passive skill. You have a 0.65% chance per Rage spent to reset the remaining cooldown on Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike.

15.jpgFocused Rage: Talents. No GCD. Focus your rage on your next Shield Slam, increasing its damage by 50%, stacking up to 3 times.

6.jpgShattered Defense: Artifact trait. After using Colossus Smash, your next Mortal Strike or Execute gains 30% increased critical strike chance and deals 30% additional damage.

8.pngWarbreaker: Artifact trait. Instant. Stomp the ground, causing a ring of corrupted spikes to erupt upwards, dealing 350% Shadow damage and applying the Colossus Smash effect to all nearby enemies.

11.pngBattle Cry: 1 min cooldown. Lets loose a battle cry, granting 100% increased critical strike chance for 5 sec.


Talents Analysis


  • Dauntless: Passive. Your abilities cost 20% less Rage.

  • Overpower: A 60% increased chance to critically strike. Consume 10 rage.

  • Sweeping Strikes: Passive. Mortal Strike and Execute hit a second nearby target.


  • Shockwave: Sends a wave of force in a frontal cone, causing (47.5% of Attack power) damage and stunning all enemies within 10 yards for 4 sec.  Cooldown reduced by 20 sec if it strikes at least 3 targets.

  • Storm Bolt: Hurls your weapon at an enemy, causing (100% of Attack power) Physical damage and stunning for 4 sec.

  • Double Time: Increases the maximum number of charges on Charge by 1, and reduces its cooldown by 3 sec.


  • Fervor of battle: Passive. Whirlwind deals 50% increased damage to your primary target.

  • Rend: 15 rage. Wounds the target, causing (540% of Attack power) Bleed damage over 15 sec.

  • Avatar: Transform into a colossus for 20 sec, causing you to deal 20% increased damage and removing all roots and snares.


  • Second wind: Passive. Restores 6% health every 1 sec when you have not taken damage for 5 sec.

  • Bounding stride: Passive. Reduces the cooldown on Heroic Leap by 15 sec, and Heroic Leap now also increases your run speed by 70% for 3 sec.

  • Defensive stance: A tanking combat stance that decreases damage taken by 0%, increases threat generation, and causes you to generate Rage from damage taken instead of dealt.


  • In for the kill: Passive. Mortal Strike generates 20 Rage when used against targets that are below 20% health.

  • Mortal combo: Passive. Mortal Strike now has a maximum of 2 charges.

  • Focused rage: Focus your rage on your next Shield Slam, increasing its damage by 50%, stacking up to 3 times. Unaffected by the global cooldown.


  • Deadly calm: Passive. Battle Cry also reduces the Rage cost of your abilities by 100% for the duration.

  • Trauma: Passive. Slam and Whirlwind now cause the target to bleed for 20% additional damage over 6 sec. Multiple uses accumulate increased damage.

  • Titanic might: Passive. Increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 16 sec, but reduces its effectiveness by 20%.


  • Anger management: Passive. Every 10 Rage you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on Battle Cry.

  • Opportunity strikes: Passive. Your melee abilities have up to a 60% chance, based on the target's missing health, to trigger an extra attack that deals 160% Physical damage.

  • Ravager: Throws a whirling weapon at the target location that inflicts [7*(250% of Attack power)] damage to all enemies within 8 yards over 7 sec.

Artifact Traits of Arms Warrior

Initial Trait

Warbreaker: Stomp the ground, causing a ring of corrupted spikes to erupt upwards, dealing 350% Shadow damage and applying the Colossus Smash effect to all nearby enemies.

Big Trait

Corrupted blood of Zakajz: For 5 sec after activating Battle Cry, Strom'kar radiates shadowy energy, causing all your attacks to deal an additional 20% damage as Shadow over 6 sec.

Void cleave: When Cleave strikes at least 3 targets, Strom'kar releases a burst of void energy, dealing (75% of Attack power) Shadow damage to all nearby enemies.

Shattered defense: After using Colossus Smash, your next Mortal Strike or Execute gains 30% increased critical strike chance and deals 30% additional damage.

Small Trait

Thoradin’s might: Increase damage dealt by Mortal Strike by 15%.

Crushing blows: Increases damage dealt by Slam by 5%.

Will of the first king: Whirlwind critical strikes generate 1 Rage.

Exploit the weakness: Tactitian's chance to trigger is increased as if you spent 10% more Rage.

Tactical advance: When Heroic Leap lands, you gain 10% increased armor and chance to parry for 4 sec.

Precise strikes: Colossus Smash reduces the Rage cost of your next Mortal Strike or Execute by 15%.

Many will fall: Increases damage dealt by Whirlwind by 5%.

Death blow: Increases the critical strike chance of Execute by 5%.

Focus in battle: Increases damage dealt by Colossus Smash by 25%.

Unending rage: Increases maximum Rage by 10.

Touch of Zakajz: Strom'kar heals you for 3% of the damage you deal with Mortal Strike.

One against many: Cleave increases damage dealt by your next Whirlwind by an additional 2% for each target hit.

Defensive measures: While Die by the Sword is active, damage taken is reduced by an additional 5%.


Single Target Rotation of Arms Warrior

Starting stage (Do burst damage)

The starting rotation is very important. I will explain what you should do in every GCD in detail. You must stack Focused Rage15.jpg 3 times because Mortal Combo1.jpg will critically strike under Battle Cry11.png and it occupies no GCD.


First GCD:3.jpg15.jpg5.jpg

Second GCD:15.jpg11.png2.jpg12.jpg

Third GCD:15.jpg1.jpg

Fourth GCD:15.jpg7.jpg; if Colossal Smash is triggered, then use15.jpg5.jpg

Fifth GCD: if 5.jpg not refresh, then use 15.jpg8.pngto gain Colossal Smash; if you used Colossal Smash in the last GCD, then use15.jpg7.jpg

Sixth GCD:15.jpg1.jpg


Normal rotation stage

Under the circumstance that no rage overflow exists, you should guarantee 15.jpgfirst, and then use 13.jpg15.jpg to refresh5.jpg . After , use13.jpg until 5.jpg1.jpgfinished. (Use whirlwind to replace Slam to improve the chance of Colossal Smash when your rage is adequate.)


AOE Rotation

Starting stage

First, the AOE burst of Arms Warrior is very efficient in 5-8s ADD battle, but not fits for long-time ADD battle.

First GCD:3.jpg15.jpg8.png

Second GCD:15.jpg11.png2.jpg12.jpg

Scenario 1 (AOE rotation)

Third GCD:15.jpg9.jpg

Fourth GCD:7.jpg

Fifth GCD:7.jpg

Scenario 2 (Single target rotation)

Third GCD:15.jpg1.jpg

Fourth GCD:15.jpg7.jpg

Fifth GCD:15.jpg7.jpg


AP Addition of Relative Skills

7.jpgWhirlwind: 3*72% weapon damage

9.jpgCleave: 75% weapon damage; increases Whirlwind by 20% when hits 1 target (MAX: 5 stacking)

1.jpgMortal Combo: 325.5% weapon damage


So, you may ask here, what should I cast in the 3rd GCD? We supposed: S=numbers of monsters, N=buff level of cleave, S=N and MAX(N)=5.

Scenario 1: Total damage M1={ [(3*80)%+(3*80)%*(N*20%)]+75%}*S

Scenario 2: Total damage M2= 350%+3*175%+240%*S










So when S<=3, M1<M2; When S>=4, M1>M2.



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