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Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry to World of Warcraft: Oregorger


Background of Oregorger:

Oregorger seems the largest size invader of goren by far in Draenor to World of Warcraft. As a greedy rock-eating goren he is eager for large amounts of unprocessed ore in the storehouses of the Blackrock Foundry which is a grand and delicious banquet for him.


Item Level Requirements:

  • LFR: Item Level 655

  • Normal: Item Level 670

  • Heroic: Item Level 685

  • Mythic: Item Level 700


Loot & Rewards Chart of each Mode:

Tips and Strategies:

There are two different phases for taking Oregorger. In general the first one is single-target with low movement of him, and on the second phase he will have heavy movements.


  • Tank needs to drag Oregeorger to a very clear spot in a corner of the storehouse room.

  • Position of Ranged and Healers should stand in a passageway on Oregorger’s side.

  • Position of Melees need to take the spot behind him.


There are some basic information and main damage skills from Oregorger that player should know first. The starting mana of Oregorger is 100, and as he runs out of all 100 mana, the second phase comes. In the first phase, Blackrock Barrage, Acid Torrent and Retched Blackrock are the three main damage skills from him.


  • Team members should interrupt Blackrock Barrage in the first time when Oregorger releases the skill.

  • The position of Off-tanks need to soak the skill of Acid Torrent.

  • When the skill of Retched Blackrock is released by Oregorger, the position of Ranged need to pay attention and run out of the skill as soon as possible to avoid heavy damages from the boss.


In phase 2, Oregorger will be into the mode of Rolling Fury which is also the main damage skill from him. At this time he presents a status of moving throughout the encounter area in order to search and find Blackrock ore to eat.

Tip: At this time, members need to find and destroy Ore Crates to display the ore out, but the movement of rolling direction of Oregorger is unpredictable, so which Ore Crate need to be destroyed first is not easy to predict. (See the movement route and suggestion in the image)



After finishing eating 10 boxes of Ore Crates Oregorger will re-enter to the first phase with full mana of 100. Players need to remember that comparing with the second phase, the first phase is where players can make the most damage to the boss, because in this phase he is nearly in stationary mode, so don’t lose this chance and try to release more damage on him. If you guys are looking for the strategy guide of the first boss of Gruul, you can view the article of “Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry to World of Warcraft: Gruul”.



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