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Some Important Tips on WoW Character Boost

World of Warcraft new expansion - Battle for Azeroth, comes with a free wow character boost to level 110 that puts you right into the action. It only works for one character, and the new allied races are sure to make you crave at least one alternate character.

WoW draws all kinds of players to the game. Whether you’re a veteran player or new player, boost your character is not so simple.  With each new expansion, Blizzard offers a character boost, taking your level 1 character straight to 110. Here are the benefits for using a character boost.


Golden Opportunities

WoW gold is one vital commodity, which is used to buy wow items that will boost stats or buy character cosmetics, making life in the WoW universe a lot easier. For those players who want to focus on gold farming, a character boost can help you in these ways:


Without spending time or resources, Character boost can help you to level your skill points in your profession to 700 (max 800). This is called a Veteran Boost. This can only be suitable from level 60 upwards, and players should choose the two main professions before using the boost or a default profession depending on your chosen class. If you use a character boost below level 60, it will increase your level to max, but it will not apply the skill points for your profession.



A character boost could be your best interest, if this is not your first character. Boosting from Level 1 to 110 can take you a week if you keep playing non-stop. You may have in-game friends who are eagerly waiting for you to join them in a raid to take down Argus, the newest boss to break down in the new expansion.



This is one important feature to boost wow. Heirlooms are gear designed for players to level faster by scaling with you as you level up, and give you additional bonuses. When enemies die or the rate you heal, experience increases and effects. However, for new player, it is a challenge to obtain them since it requires a decent amount of world of warcraft gold, unless you are prepared to purchase in-game currency (WoW tokens). If you already have a high level character or a friend willing to give you gold, you can purchase.

These Heirloom items’ benefits are that they scale with your level keeping your gear up to date without you having to worry about upgrades, and they provide a significant wow XP boost.


Learning Your Class

It gives you few time to suitable for your character’s abilities/spells, rotation, talents or even movements when you apply a character boost. You should learn how to use your class. Some players will quickly realize, and plays a huge impact on how you perform in raids/dungeon. Going through the leveling system gives you time to learn about your class, and you may have certain expectations, but you will not understand it fully until you spend time learning your character.

When you enter dungeons/raids, knowing your class’ strengths and limitations will help you. Working with other players in dungeons and raids is crucial for completing them successfully. If you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll have a higher chance of being kicked out of the group.


For more wow leveling guides, you can visit our mmogah.com.

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