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Shipyard and Naval Missions Guide in WOW Patch 6.2


Characters with a level 3 garrison can now construct a Shipyard in wow patch 6.2. To begin the path to construct a Shipyard, report to your Garrison and accept the “War Council” quest. You can build ships in your Shipyard and dispatch them on new Naval Missions.


Shipyards are where ships are made and sold. A shipyard community has the skills and materials to build sailing vessels. The community is situated on a river, lake or sea. The community can build and maintain a fleet of sailing vessels, or it can take on repair work for other communities as a means of gaining additional wow gold.


l What to do first?


After open the shipyard, firstly you have to establish your own fleet. The ships of the fleet which are like fortress entourage with skills, expertise, qualities and gears to perform the naval mission. Other individual ships number are not included in the fortress.



l How to get the ship?


All drawings unlocked and resources taken to build. In the first time you need to find the chief man for the ship construction.


l What is the use of ship?


Sailing ships can be used to perform tasks and the fortress shipyard added a new resource of fuel, which is an important resource for future shipyard system. The maximum is 100,000. In the future, it will replace the fuel fortress resources as navigational task consumables.


l How to successfully sail?


First, of course, upgrade the ship's equipment and quality. The quality and fortress divide into green, blue and purple. And note that there is no level after the completion of the ship. To enhance the quality only can through experience rise. Then you should install other ships and forts, the green initial default is 600, blue is 615. Currently purple has not yet announced how they were obtained.


Navy mission can be in response five types of enemy, we need to dispatch ships to the corresponding execution as follows.


l Ground targets (transport ship)


l Ironclads (Battleship)


l Air units (submarine)


l Artillery (carrier)


l Submarine (destroyer)


Then you have to consider the weather factors, including fog, ice, turbulence, rain and other environment.

In order to finish the task in all kind of weather factors, you need to add some crews on the ships. Find the shipyard chief-man and then exchange resource.


Also with experience rising as well as the ship enhanced and crew unlocked, you also need more expertise to deal with. The respective tasks are as follows.


Ø Icebreaker: frozen environment


Ø Stabilizing fins: rainstorm


Ø Map: corresponds to poor visibility


Ø Stabilizer: turbulence


Ø Outbreak furnace: power


Ø True steel rudder: speed steering


Ø Shark bodyguard: mines


Ø Shield: strike


Ø Cycle fuel tank: faster task completion


Ø Saltwater crew: saltwater


Ø Unsinkable: damage control


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